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    July 15, 2019

    Looking for a fun way to add color, texture and design to your next event? Then check out the incredible inventory of pillows and accents at DESIGNER8*.

    At DESIGNER8*, we offer a wide array of pillow colors, materials, patterns and designs!  And our expert designers can work with you to mix and match our collections to create the perfect look. Whether it helps bring a color theme together, branding corporate events or simply add style and comfort to an upcoming wedding or mitzvah, our plush pillows are a perfect solution to spice up any venue or even existing furniture in your own home. In addition, we can also work with you to create custom pillows with your brand or personal monogram to further personalize your look. Regardless of space or size, pillows can easily add in that little spark of element to your design not to mention a feeling of cozy comfort!

    Check out for the full assortment!

    Pink pillows Gold pillows White pillows Green pillows

    Violet pillow Pink pillow for rent Dark pink pillow Grey pillow Green pillow Yellow pillow Blue velvet pillow


    June 28, 2019

    As we enter the wonderful summer season and wrap up pride month,

    we at DESIGNER8* are excited to be able to provide such an amazing assortment of colorful rentals! Ranging from our Maxwell chairs, Axel barstools, accessories to our amazing fuscia velvet collection, DESIGNER8* truly has it all.

    Not only do we have an assortment of colors, but we also are familiar to servicing the East Coast and West Coast—bringing amazing lounge furniture to all events ranging from corporate, cocktail, movie premieres, fan activations and events for a cause such as the AIDS/Lifecycle.  Below is a photo of our Jayson Velvet collection in navy at the recent grand opening of the LGBT center in West Hollywood.

    Jayson Velvet Collection

    In addition to helping you curate pieces from our new collections, our design specialists at DESIGNER8* are also experts in helping with site visits, layouts and adding their detailed and color expertise to any venue.

    Here is a picture of our colorful, mid-century Milo chairs on display at the Intercontinental in DTLA during Pride month.

    Milo chairsIntercontinental in DTLA

    And lastly, here are is a shot of our bold yellow Axel barstools making a statement at a recent corporate event in Seattle. Again, providing a fun and eclectic option for cocktail seating.

    We look forward to helping you add a pop of color to your next event as well!


    April 8, 2019

    Let’s face it, when attending an event many guests go straight for the open bar and hors devours. Therefore, it is essential that your bar set up is attractive, plentiful, and delicious for any event ranging from a dinner party to a corporate conference. Another factor to consider is the style, look and hues of the overall event—this is where DESIGNER8* comes into play. We carry an incredible inventory of bars and back bar displays that can be used for a variety of different occasions. Favorites include Bellini and Edison back bars as they elegantly display hors devours, liquor bottles, champagne, greenery, and compliment well with our Royce, Diamond Mirror, Aiden, and Lloyd bars.

    Back bar Rentals

    Our Edison Silver back bar also doubles as both a display station for florals and/or as a great dessert or food station. Remember to place two to three of these stations throughout your venue space to make sure there is an open flow for guests to mingle throughout the event. Below we have the Edison in black displaying liquor and the uniformed champagne glasses paired with our ever popular, Diamond Mirror bar.

    Diamond Mirror Bar

    It is also crucial to set the tone with the right amount of illumination. Lighting sets the mood for a magical, enchanting evening guests are sure to enjoy! DESIGNER8* has you covered with a variety of chandeliers that can brighten any event space. Our Starburst chandeliers below are one of a kind and make a bold, gold and creative statement which can be added to any indoor or outdoor bar.

    Whether hosting an outdoor or indoor event, be sure that your party is a memorable one with the best décor, bars, drinks & food.

    Sit back, unwind and let DESIGNER8* handle your lounge and party décor!

    Event Lighting

    Colors of Optimism

    March 4, 2019

    One of the top décor trends is “colors of optimism”. In 2019, we’ll see a rise in colors that are associated with optimism like bold yellows, oranges, and hot pinks. Pantone announced the color of the year as “Living Coral” and kicked off a design phenomenon. And the trend has extended far beyond decor into fashion, paint colors, fabrics and so much more!

    Living Coral is defined by Pantone as “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. Symbolizing our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.”  

    We also saw this color trend represented at the 2019 Oscars. From the bold color choices worn by the attendees to the speeches surrounding inclusiveness, change, diversity, encouragement, and empowerment. Even the cast, crew and movies nominated can be categorized within this theme. Whether it be political, social or environmental, it seems that optimism is resonating in all aspects of 2019.

    In fashion, CHANEL’s Spring 2019 line is full of these “Colors of Optimism.” They showed bold hues of yellow, teal, periwinkle and soft pinks. Home décor trends are no different. DESIGNER8* furniture is showing dusty rose and soft periwinkle colored velvets in our Alexis and Grayson collections, ottomans, pillows, and accents. We also have a number of bold and optimistic hues in our Maxwell chairs, that easily evoke fun and happiness.

    We are looking forward to an amazing year of designing events ahead filled with color and optimism!

    Colors of optimism
    Paulina Chair in Fuchsia Velvet and Alexis Chair in Dusty Rose Velvet
    Event furniture in trend colours
    Maxwell Chairs in Yellow, Aqua, and Orange

    Designer Rooms

    February 28, 2019

    Recreating high-end designer rooms can be tricky when you’re on a budget. Luckily, it is achievable with DIY replications and even event furniture rentals. Rentals don’t have to be just for events they can be used in photoshoots, enhancing lobby’s and even home staging. Recreating designer rooms on a rental budget can be achieved by using rental pieces for your home staging or even used in recreating an event with a high end, chicly designed room for a fraction of the cost.

    The rooms below have pieces of high-end designer furniture that for most people can be out of budget or reach. By using similar high-end event furniture rentals from DESIGNER8*, you can recreate this look on a budget. Items don’t have to be exactly to same to achieve the look, as long as shapes, textures, and colors are close, you can easily achieve the look.

    When a guest enters a space whether it’s a staged living room or an event, you ultimately want your guest to experience the feeling that you cared about them. You want your guest to feel comfortable, welcomed and wowed! Using a high-end rental piece to stay within your budget is a great affordable option that only you will know is rented!

    Furniture rental pieces in room decor
    Jayson Sofa in Emerald Velvet and Wassily Chair in Black Leather
    event furniture collections in room decor
    Alexis Sofa in Dusty Rose Velvet and Cambridge/Winston Sofa in Brown Leather

    Choosing the Best Event Furniture for an Outdoor Event

    January 28, 2019

    We think it’s absolutely heartbreaking when a host doesn’t select furniture to complement the look of the venue.  This is especially true when the venue is a beautiful outdoor setting.  Fortunately, if you choose designer8* furniture, you won’t have this problem.  Every piece of furniture that we provide can be used in both indoor and outdoor venues.  There are countless possibilities for designing your outdoor space.  That’s why you should come to designer8* when you’re choosing the best furniture for an outdoor event.

    Event Lounge Furniture

    Investing in proper seating arrangements is always an excellent idea. Providing a place to sit fulfills a need guests will appreciate, especially the injured and those with uncomfortable shoes.  Nothing sours an event like urgently needing a place to sit, but unable to find one anywhere.  Likewise, crowding the space with too many seats can impede the sociability of the event. Guest will not be happy if they can’t make their way to the bar or the bathroom safely.  Worse, your service staff will not be able to do their job.  Our goal is to work with the space available to maximize seating and comfort.  Your guests should be able to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves freely.

    How do we envision your space?  The simple answer is it depends.  We generally like to mix soft seating options, like lounge furniture, with cocktail seating.  That means furniture like sofas, loveseats, high stools, bar stools, and coffee and communal tables are arranged throughout the space.  The furniture placement matches the function of the area with the expected flow of the room.  In all cases, the furniture and décor will perfectly communicate your theme.

    Should your event require privacy, or partitioning of the venue, we can add walls and decorative backdrop vignettes.  Many customers request these products for hosting VIPs, or to provide more display spaces for exhibits. Walls and vignettes can be used to enhance the event by breaking it up into multiple experiences, each with their own vibe.  In a practical sense, walls and vignettes work to separate guests from unpleasant views, whether natural or otherwise.  They could hide on-call paramedics at your event, and give any guests seeking treatment privacy in a vulnerable time.

    Having a stunning outdoor space as your venue is great, but placing the right furniture elements in it is important.  designer8* can provide elegant outdoor décor, walls, and vignettes that turn that natural landscape into a fantastic and functional space.  Let us enrich your venue, and turn your outdoor event into an amazing beautiful one.

    The Best Lounge Furniture Rental for Your Wedding

    December 19, 2018

    When it comes to your wedding day, the design and ambiance of the room can elevate or degenerate your event.  No detail is too small to ensure your wedding ceremony and reception reflect your style elegantly.  Of course, this must be balanced with making sure that your guests are comfortable.  For the best lounge furniture rental to flawlessly match your matrimonial dreams, you’ll want furniture from us at designer8*.

    Accessory Wedding Rentals

    The most beautiful weddings marry fashion and function.  We embrace your overall theme and apply it to the ceremony and reception space.  Once we understand the feeling and flow of the venue, we consider the activities you want to occur.  For example, should your space encourage dancing after dinner, or have your guests mingle with hours oeuvres during cocktail hour?  Then we select elegant, high-quality furniture that embodies the spirit of the event. Since the relaxation of your guests is important, we select pieces that are comfortable.

    Our collection of furniture is sure to match the look that you expect for your event.  We have a classic, traditional furniture with soft textures and rich coloring that can add a dramatic look to your venue.   Our collection contains many midcentury pieces that are quite popular today.  We also have the right pieces to complete a modern wedding aesthetic full of sleek silhouettes. No matter the mood you are looking to create, we can deliver the furniture to match.

    We have the right tables too!  Many times, designers will focus on the seating arrangements only, and neglect the other furniture needs of your guests.  On your wedding day, your guest may have a drink, appetizer plate, purse, and other accouterments at the same time.  Imagine having your guest awkwardly balance all of these on their laps. To avoid this, we can provide beautiful coffee tables, placed conveniently among the seats.  Your guests can rest their refreshment nearby as they get comfortable and interact with each other.  We also provide communal tables that give an opportunity to showcase elegant lighting and table decorations.  They also serve as common areas where new in-laws and friends can socialize and connect.  After all, what’s the point of having a reception if your family doesn’t come together as one?

    We will make your wedding the enviously gorgeous affair that you promised your guests.  Our furniture will complement the space so well that your family will talk about your stunning wedding reception for years.  We provide cozy furniture that your elderly relatives will appreciate after tearing up the dance floor to the Cupid Shuffle.

    We are designer8*, and we have the best lounge furniture rental for your perfect wedding.

    designer8* Opens on East Coast

    August 18, 2016

    designer8* Event Furniture Rental, the leader in event lounge furniture and accents, announces the launch of their new location in the New York Tri-State area. As the new location opens, orders are rushing in and the event industry is buzzing.


    designer8* now has a footprint that spans from the east to the west. The top New York designers have been asking for new and trendsetting furniture and designer8* is bringing it to them. designer8* has serviced the events industry for more than 10 years, providing stylized furniture for high profile events such as The Governors Ball, The GRAMMYs, official Super Bowl parties, movie premieres, celebrity weddings and more. With locations all over Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, designer8* continues its expansion with this new location. designer8* opens up a whole new

    Samantha Sackler d8* Opens in NY

    “We have listened to the needs of the event industry and have worked very hard to provide our clients with exceptional service, an in-house design team, and incredible product ranging from traditional to modern designs,” stated Samantha Sackler CEO of designer8*.  “Event planners and designers deserve great customer service and knowledge regarding event styling. designer8* is more than just a furniture rental company. We are a design house filled with incredible furniture, sales consultants who are also designers and can also provide custom scenic production. We are so thrilled to be able to bring our new offerings to the East Coast,” added Sackler.

    designer8* is a full-service furniture rental company and is dedicated to providing the highest quality product for the events industry.

    To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:

    Autumn Trends, Winter Insights

    August 19, 2016

    Mix, mix and mix some more! The trends for cooler weather this year are going to be an exposé in polychromatic diversity and an exploration in texture.

    In a time of instant gratification and social media madness, we find ourselves constantly looking for the next best thing in order to stay relevant. This is no different in the interior design world. Designers must stay on top of their game in order to guarantee their clients that they are getting the best and the most cutting-edge design. They also have to make sure that they are not only trend-setting, but aware of the trends forthcoming.

    Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

    To keep up with this ever-changing scenario, I like to be in touch with the fashion world. Fashion is such a fast-paced industry and today, more than ever, everything we see on the runways of fashion week, translates almost immediately to our home and event decor.

    As interior designers and event planners, in the past few years, we all felt a very strong transition from the historically referenced style to an unstoppable mid-century modern décor.

    In the next months I expect, and hope to see, thematic décor replaced with more layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations. Polished surfaces juxtaposed with rough materials and metallic textiles, warm metals combined with Mayan inspired fabrics will be certainly the big players in this coming Fall.

    Decor Trends

    While colors are wonderful and we have seen so much of them in the past decade, I feel that a change is on the horizon. Clients are asking more and more for neutral pallets such as ivory, eggshell, bone and natural creams in order to create a clean and serene setting. All accompanied by comfortable seating.

    designer8* Xavier table

    Tailored pieces, mixtures of colors and a variety of textures can be used to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized space.

    Pops of colors can easily be added by using the correct accessories and lighting.

    designer8* Zig-Zag Rug

    It is all about comfort, tradition while valuing the environment.

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