Green And Gorgeous

Green is just one of those colors that can be both powerful and elegant in event design. It can used as a main color or a beautiful accent. It is an outstanding option for many types of events.

Green and Gorgeous - 1
















Green Deco

Green and Gorgeous-Green Deco








Art Deco and 1920’s inspiration continue to be popular for events. Instead of the standard gold option, a rich green can really provide a luxurious look. The Kelly Green sofa from designer8* is a true statement piece!

Kelly Green Sofa – is also available in an L-shaped sectional.

Kelly Green Sectional –

A Garden Party with Green

Green and Gorgeous - 2













Table linens in green paired with black and white accents. It is a fresh look for this outdoor garden party!

A Formal Green Affair

Green and Gorgeous-A formal Affair








A black sofa with green accents look truly elegant for a wedding or formal party! The Drake sofa in black suede available for rent from designer8* – The Drake Collection (insert link)

Drake Collection –

Green with Neutrals

Green and Gorgeous - Green with Neutrals








Madeline Collection –

Green Topiary –

Kelly Green Collection –

Lloyd Collection –