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    September 17, 2019

    When it comes to design, it doesn’t get much better than Mid Century modern! It is defined by many factors and has become a desired look for just about every kind of event. Most simply, it can be defined by its architectural features – clean lines, organic curves, different materials, unique colors and lack of embellishment. And while it may look futuristic, it is definitely not a departure from the past.

    Mid Century style was created in the 1930’s, but has now come back into vogue full force. Of course, it is also heavily featured in shows like MadMen and The Daily Show among countless magazines and catalogs.

    DESIGNER8* has a number of amazing Mid Century collections that are both classic, minimal and understated – perfect for any setting.


    September 11, 2019

    People may think that pillows are a small part of the process, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Accents are a great way to help elevate and enhance the atmosphere of your event. In addition, they can help bring a color scheme or theme to life in a fun way. Whether you are trying to incorporate your company’s corporate colors, or play on a specific holiday theme, accent pillows are a perfect way to do it. If your event’s color scheme is blue and yellow, it does not mean that your lounge furniture has to be. You can use a white sofa and armchairs and add blue and yellow pillows as a stylish and fun alternative. To make even more of an impact you can mix and match solids and patterns. DESIGNER8* pillow collection offers a variety of colors and patterns and even fun textures.

    Accent pillows make our furniture highly customizable to fit any occasion. The same Estelle lounge collection can look completely different with some bright pink pillows for a bat mitzvah, or a more subtle color arrangement for a TV show premier.

    So do not be afraid to incorporate accent pillows in your event design. It is a small addition that makes a huge difference!


    September 5, 2019

    With Fashion Week fast approaching in New York City, we are taking a look at how fashion trends can impact event trends. Fashion is a leading force on how trends come into play whether it’s in the design world, beauty world or even making political statements. Fashion will always have a significant impact on the culture and by default, the event industry.

    Every season there seems to be a hot new color that is back in style for the season. And believe it or not, but beige is this season’s hottest color! With furniture rentals, you can easily pick and choose from many neutral colors to incorporate into your event. From sofas, to ottomans, to accessorizing with pillows, the options are endless with DESIGNER8*. Whether your theme is rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary, you can translate color into any of those categories.

    Take a look at the below image from the Fendi fashion show in Milan, the runway is bursting with beige in many different tones. If we wanted to translate this look into an event using DESIGNER8* pieces, we could easily do so with the array of options, we provide. Take for example the new Alexis Sofa in Wheat Velvet as our base pairing it with our classic Jagger coffee table and accessorizing it with different color pillows and our Sandstone Velvet Ottomans.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to working with DESIGNER8* to ensure that your event will be one that guests will remember for a long time to come.


    August 15, 2019

    Modern Gatsby takes note from the more ornate Art Deco style of the ’20s and brings it to modern-day 2000s.  This fusion of style mimics the clean geometric lines, use of metallic embellishments and architectural flair embedded in traditional Art Deco design. However, pairing these notably 20’s influences with a minimal color pallet and earthy fabrics brings a fresh appeal to today’s designer. Art Deco décor was first introduced in France in 1925 with the intention of creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication. During this time of technological and industrial growth and with the improvements of machinery, many objects of this era were still handcrafted and designed with precision and often used luxury materials. It was common for items made in classic Art Deco style to include natural elements such as jade, silver, ivory, and chrome. Many of these design influences came from the American Indian and Egyptian cultures, especially with the use of natural materials. In today’s society, we tend to still design with those same influences. Here are a few pictures of the stunning DESIGNER8* collection.

    Gatsby Collection Gatsby Collection of Event Furniture



    August 12, 2019

    With Labor Day around the corner, many are busy planning end of summer events. DESIGNER8* has a plethora of amazing indoor and outdoor looks that can help enhance any event into an elegant one. Below are some inspiration photos for how you can mix and match our white and neutral collections to create a truly custom look.

    Looking to create an upscale yet inviting backyard feel? You can also poolside seating options with our white leather daybeds, white high back leather chairs and white leather ottomans. Or for the ultimate luxury look, add a daybed with a decorative canopy cover.

    White leather daybeds

    Here we used two of our Bianco white lacquer bars to create an outdoor island and buffet station. We also added Reese white and chrome barstools to complete the look and provide additional seating.

    Bianco white lacquer bar

    Another way to bring comfort outside is with plush seating on the sand. Here we used our Santorini wicker furniture with cream cushions which for a natural, yet rich look.

    Santorini wicker furniture

    And of course, there is the gorgeous Havana rattan collection. This look is both casual and comfortable and incredibly neutral – making it hard for guests to leave!

     Havana rattan collection


    August 8, 2019

    The rise of social media has changed how we do everything – vacation, party, even work. If you did not Instagram it, did it event happen? Causing FOMO amongst your followers is a must and something to consider when designing your next event. Attendees are more likely to spread the word (and the photo) if they love the environment around them. Even when attending a professional conference, they want an experience, not just a gray and boring event that feels like a chore. Nowadays consumers are spoiled by beautiful visuals everywhere and they want to be a part of it. Therefore, fun and eye-catching design is a must, even better is to have a dedicated photo moment – preferably with your logo strategically placed in the background. Here are some DESIGNER8* inspirations. We are always happy to help turn your event into an EXPERIENCE.


    This bright and modern living room vibe design is begging to be photographed.

    Lounge rentals for the events

    An accent chair or sofa with fun pillows also makes for a perfect photo set up.

    Sofa with pillows

    And never underestimate the importance of your panel discussion/stage furniture. It will always end up being captured by attendees!

    Stage furniture for events

    This “guys night in” design is as social photo media-friendly as it gets!

    Leather sofas for events

    Even a medical conference can look stylish and cool.

    Lounge furniture for medical conference

    And don’t forget – we can always create custom scenic or branded pieces such as these fun cloud swings!

    Custom scenic pieces for events



    August 6, 2019

    It is no surprise to see that guests often dive right in for the open bar and hors d’ oeuvres at events! That said, it is crucial that you make sure your bar set up is attractive, plentiful and delicious for each and every occasion ranging from a casual dinner party to a large-scale corporate conference. Another factor to consider is the style, look and tone of the event and this is where DESIGNER8* comes into play. We carry an incredible inventory of bars and back bar displays that are perfect for every occasion. A favorite when it comes to displaying appetizers, bottles, florals is our Bellini Bar and it pairs nicely with all of our bars – especially the Royce, Diamond Mirror, Aiden and Lloyd.

    Bellini Bar

    Below we have a picture of our Edison back bar in silver set up as a gorgeous backdrop with florals at this reception at Terranea Resort. Another helpful hint – remember to place two to three back bars throughout your venue to make sure there is an open flow for guests to mingle and enjoy the summer festivities that DESIGNER8* are experts in designing!

    Edison back bar in silver


    July 31, 2019

    When you think of summer, you can’t help but think of holiday weekends and patriotic décor! DESIGNER8* has a wide array of red, white and blue collections and accents that can be used both indoor and outdoor for any occasion. So for your next corporate retreat, cocktail party or even upscale BBQ, let one of our expert stylists work with you to design the perfect mix of materials and styles for your needs.

    Our leather and canvas daybeds are also perfect for poolside décor! And of course, our amazing collection of wicker furniture!

    Lounge seating for outdoor events Black and white furniture rentals Stylish daybeds for outdoor events

    And if you are looking to add a little extra spark of color or firework style decor, consider adding a starburst chandelier or standing candelabra!

    Starburst Chandeliers


    We are officially in summer and summer events are upon us! What better way to host your guests than with stylish outdoor furniture? Here at DESIGNER8*, we carry dozens of beautiful collections that can be used both inside and outside. Our design team are ready and able to help you plan your next outdoor event.

    Check out our new Santorini collection complete with its eggshell cream cushions and rich chocolate wicker finish.

    Santorini Collection

    We also have the Barbados collection which is available in a tan wicker with sand colored cushions that provide a softer, warmer look for any outdoor space. Regardless of style, great outdoor lounge furniture will help enhance the overall look and feel of your next event.

    Barbados Collection

    The Hampton collection is another gorgeous collection that is sure to be a hit this summer with its’ rustic South Beach vibe and beautiful Celadon cushions as they offer a fun and festive beach vibe for anyone’s celebration!

    Hampton Collection

    In addition to amazing lounge collections, DESIGNER8* has a wide assortment of pillows and decorative accents in different textures, colors, and patterns.

    Green Accent PillowsBlack and White Accent Pillows


    July 25, 2019

    After studying the event landscape, it can easily appear overwhelming. There are so many details to coordinate and even the smallest slip-up can seriously impact your event, therefore it is important to develop an organized to-do list while planning and manage step by step as you go along. Here are a few helpful hints to consider when planning a successful and stress-free event:

    -What is the purpose of your event? You want to make certain that there is a clear goal and vision for each event.

    -Who will be attending? Defining your target audience will help you when making decisions throughout the planning process and filter what is and isn’t right for your event.

    -How are you getting the word out? Is it invite only? Is it open to the public? If so, you may want to consider using a digital invitation system and social media to help promote.

    -Who is running your event? You’ll want to ensure you have the proper staff – proactive, professional and personable.

    -What is your budget? You will want to develop a budget early on and make sure you are managing throughout the process, but also leave a small amount set aside for contingencies.

    Of course, the team at DESIGNER8* is always here to help plan details throughout the process as well.

    White chairs for rent Outdoor furniture rentals White lounge rentals

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