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    January 8, 2020

    Not everything at your event needs to have color, sometimes a beautiful winter white is even more impactful. A lot of times when people think of all white furniture they think of the old trends where a lot of the furniture was basic whites, however the design in furniture has come a long way in events and today there are many different ways to play up the all-white look.

    Whether you’re going for a super modern look or classic, DESIGNER8* has your look covered. Keeping everything monochromatic with white allows your eye and your guests to focus on the main event. If you have too many patterns or colors, your focus tends to shift to the furniture and not the main reason why guests are there in the first place. The below examples are two completely different styles but both all white. Each look stands out yet doesn’t distract from your event!




    December 30, 2019

    For those who haven’t heard, Pantone just named the 2020 Color of the Year and its Classic Blue! DESIGNER8* has also had an appreciation for the shade that Pantone says brings “a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit”. That said, we offer an incredible assortment of classic blue products and accents. Here is a quick look at just a few of the amazing blue collections that can be found on


    December 23, 2019

    As the end of the year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about trends for 2020. In order to stay on top of the game, you need to pay attention to the ever-changing event industry and fashion world. This year we saw bold color choices, more lounge seating over standing, and many monochromatic designs. As we look ahead, DESIGNER8* is always thinking ahead of the trend to see what the next big hit will be!


    One of the biggest trends were going to see is bold eclectic mixing of lounge. Clients are thinking outside the box and using different styles of lounge in many colorways to mix and match and create a fun and inviting environment. DESIGNER8* has many different types of styles in many different colors from modern to traditional to contemporary to vintage that will all help you achieve this look.

    Another big trend we think we’re going to be seeing is the use of greens. Rental hedge walls and matching green furniture is going to be a huge staple in 2020. This ties into the color blocking and nature aspect that many people are leaning towards. These are just a few ideas of what we think we’re going to be seeing in the coming year. Whatever your needs are, DESIGNER8* has what you’re looking for!


    December 8, 2019

    DESIGNER8* is now offering a selection of holiday décor rentals on the East Coast. We have a wide assortment of our festive décor and lounge options for the upcoming holiday season. These hassle-free décor items include pre-lit and pre-decorated 6.5ft artificial Winchester Firs, 10ft artificial Dunhill Firs, 32” battery operated wreaths, and 2ft potted poinsettias. This season, take the stress out of unpacking and re-packing your decorations this year and leave the décor to us.


    November 26, 2019

    Alfresco Dining

    With the summer weather lasting well into the fall months, why not take advantage with an alfresco Thanksgiving dinner experience? DESIGNER8* carries the largest selection of outdoor seating collections in a wide variety of fall colors and accessories. From sofas, loveseats, ottomans and dining tables, we have everything you to make this year’s holiday dinner a cozy and memorable one for all.

    Below are some examples of our indoor/outdoor seating and accents in rich fall colors:



    November 20, 2019

    Corporate holiday parties don’t have to be stuffy and boring. Over the year’s trends have been changing in the way companies celebrate a successful year. While some companies stick with an office party or night out at a local restaurant, others are looking to outside designers to help design and produce larger events. DESIGNER8* has been a leading vendor when it comes to holiday décor, providing lounge and accessories for events from 2 dozen to 2000. Typically, we see a lot of traditional looks with reds, greens, and metallics, but lately we’ve seen a trend to veer away from holiday themes all together. Everything from Calvin Klein’s “Space and Cowboy” Party to the recent Compass “Miami Vice” themed event in Miami. We have also seen a huge push for black and white.

    Aside from our incredible furniture inventory, we also offer an amazing selection of scenic and décor items to help bring your ideas to life. From Light up Christmas trees to Whoville Home facades to accents, we’ve got you covered!


    November 14, 2019

    What is sustainability? It is not just a motto or a hashtag that we apply to our event furniture rentals for likes on social media, it is about living so that you meet your current needs while preserving the future for generations to meet theirs. Transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle has become easier over the years mainly due to technological advancements of “green products”.  In the past, you may have had to sacrifice comfort or modern living to achieve sustainability. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as companies integrate sustainable practices and materials into their products. Even better, the use of social media broadcasts the ease of adopting a sustainable lifestyle to the world. Now more people are becoming aware and are actively making sustainable choices.


    Sustainability is becoming part of our culture and businesses have products and services which are influenced by sustainable ideals.  It’s seen in the cars we buy, the way we travel and the homes we purchase. On a smaller scale, it affects the food we eat and the clothing we wear.  These products are created using organic materials and fibers, which may be packaged using less waste. Even some event furniture rentals today have been inspired by sustainability. Designers are introducing natural materials into products brought to the market.


    Green materials are also showing up more frequently in building design.  We see this reflected in the use of fabrics like linen, cotton, and wool on walls and décor.  Such textures are often seen on couches, chairs, chaise lounges, love seats, and other furniture.  Hard natural materials are very popular too. Marble, cement, stone, and slate are fashionable options for today’s furniture and building materials.


    Sustainable furniture and decor have several advantages over the competition:

    • Cost.  Sustainable furniture is usually the more affordable choice compared to a similar, non-sustainable counterpart.
    • Aesthetics. The look of sustainable furniture and décor elements is incomparable.  The best faux wood cannot compare to real wood, bamboo or cork. Natural materials add a unique touch to the space that faux composites cannot match.
    • Environmentally friendly.  A sustainable home is not only about how it looks when photographed, it’s about the entire life cycle of the building materials and furniture.  How, and from where, the materials were source are just as important as how it looks in your home.  Sustainability also thinks through to the end of the product’s useful life.  Such furniture and materials create less waste than traditional products.  Perhaps it can be recycled or upcycled into something new.  Even if it cannot, it may be biodegradable.  From the beginning to the end, it should make as minimal an impact as possible on the environment.


    Maybe you’re looking for a sustainable way to host a fashionable event or use sustainable furniture for your next party.  You might be interested in adapting to the lifestyle and want to dabble before committing to it 100%. Using eco-friendly event furniture rental is a chic way to indulge your green habits. Selecting furniture and décor made from natural elements brings a level of calm elegance you can’t get with faux materials.  Even better, you can mix and match furniture pieces to design a one-of-a-kind space that reflects your event’s true style. And DESIGNER8* has plenty of options to help bring these looks to life!


    November 8, 2019

    With temperatures dropping and the holidays approaching, everyone wants to feel warm and cozy. Why not create a cozy living room atmosphere for your holiday event or pop-up? Lounge seating with some coffee and side tables is a perfect set up for guests to relax and chat while sipping hot chocolate (or hot toddies!). You can also mix in faux fur bean bags, shaggy rugs, accent pillows, and soft lighting to help create this cozy feel. Of course, a venue with a built-in fireplace is an added bonus.

    White lounge seating for rent

    When it comes to holiday décor, DESIGNER8* has you covered. We also offer a number of holiday-inspired accents including Christmas trees, garland and wreaths.

    Garlands and festive lights for rent

    If the venue has a fireplace – your event gets extra points! And do not forget lots of garlands and festive lights!

    Festive lights for rent

    Furniture rentals for holidays



    November 4, 2019

    DESIGNER8* has your ultimate solution for privacy and décor all in one. Check out our wood slat walls – these walls can be used in a contemporary, rustic, modern or traditional settings.

    Wood slat walls can add warmth and texture in an open, large raw venue space to provide a more intimate setting. If privacy isn’t a factor, these walls can simply serve as décor or a focal point to help define your space. Our walls can also be customized with decals and double as a back drop for your next photo moment or stage back drop.

    Walls can also be enhanced with flowers, neon or any other enhancements for corporate and social events. You can also use them to display content and encourage audience engagement for trade shows and exhibition booths.

    And of course, you can add lighting to enhance the walls as well.


    October 28, 2019

    Here at DESIGNER8* we are prepped and ready for game day with huge quantities of fun, colorful and festive lounge groupings for your next tailgate that will truly make a bespoke statement! We offer several different varieties of barstools, lounge chairs and sofas along with hundreds of different pillow options to accessorize your outdoor tailgate space. And our lounge pairs perfectly with our bars, back bars and cocktail seating! We have even added in navy blue velvet cushions which would work perfectly for that Chargers or Patriots game! And of course, we can create custom pillows and decals as well!


    We’ve included a few fun game day looks below:


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