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    designer8* Opens on East Coast

    August 18, 2016

    designer8* Event Furniture Rental, the leader in event lounge furniture and accents, announces the launch of their new location in the New York Tri-State area. As the new location opens, orders are rushing in and the event industry is buzzing.


    designer8* now has a footprint that spans from the east to the west. The top New York designers have been asking for new and trendsetting furniture and designer8* is bringing it to them. designer8* has serviced the events industry for more than 10 years, providing stylized furniture for high profile events such as The Governors Ball, The GRAMMYs, official Super Bowl parties, movie premieres, celebrity weddings and more. With locations all over Southern California, Northern California, Arizona and Las Vegas, designer8* continues its expansion with this new location. designer8* opens up a whole new

    Samantha Sackler d8* Opens in NY

    “We have listened to the needs of the event industry and have worked very hard to provide our clients with exceptional service, an in-house design team, and incredible product ranging from traditional to modern designs,” stated Samantha Sackler CEO of designer8*.  “Event planners and designers deserve great customer service and knowledge regarding event styling. designer8* is more than just a furniture rental company. We are a design house filled with incredible furniture, sales consultants who are also designers and can also provide custom scenic production. We are so thrilled to be able to bring our new offerings to the East Coast,” added Sackler.

    designer8* is a full-service furniture rental company and is dedicated to providing the highest quality product for the events industry.

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    Autumn Trends, Winter Insights

    August 19, 2016

    Mix, mix and mix some more! The trends for cooler weather this year are going to be an exposé in polychromatic diversity and an exploration in texture.

    In a time of instant gratification and social media madness, we find ourselves constantly looking for the next best thing in order to stay relevant. This is no different in the interior design world. Designers must stay on top of their game in order to guarantee their clients that they are getting the best and the most cutting-edge design. They also have to make sure that they are not only trend-setting, but aware of the trends forthcoming.

    Fall/Winter Fashion Trends

    To keep up with this ever-changing scenario, I like to be in touch with the fashion world. Fashion is such a fast-paced industry and today, more than ever, everything we see on the runways of fashion week, translates almost immediately to our home and event decor.

    As interior designers and event planners, in the past few years, we all felt a very strong transition from the historically referenced style to an unstoppable mid-century modern décor.

    In the next months I expect, and hope to see, thematic décor replaced with more layered, cultured, and eclectic combinations. Polished surfaces juxtaposed with rough materials and metallic textiles, warm metals combined with Mayan inspired fabrics will be certainly the big players in this coming Fall.

    Decor Trends

    While colors are wonderful and we have seen so much of them in the past decade, I feel that a change is on the horizon. Clients are asking more and more for neutral pallets such as ivory, eggshell, bone and natural creams in order to create a clean and serene setting. All accompanied by comfortable seating.

    designer8* Xavier table

    Tailored pieces, mixtures of colors and a variety of textures can be used to create a more varied, inspiring and personalized space.

    Pops of colors can easily be added by using the correct accessories and lighting.

    designer8* Zig-Zag Rug

    It is all about comfort, tradition while valuing the environment.

    Interview with Drew D’Andrea, Director of Sales

    October 11, 2016

    He’s leading the way as designer8* Event Furniture Rental expands to both coasts. Today we take a look at what brought him here and what is in store for the future.

    1) Briefly describe your history in the event world; how it started, what kept you motivated and Drew D'Andrea d8*where you see it going from this point onward? 

    I started in the event industry working for some of the top caterers in LA, who orchestrated many high profile events. Being a piece of the puzzle that brought to life a creative vision, made me realize this industry was one I wanted to be apart of.  From catering, I moved into event production then to Restaurant/Venue management and now with designer8*. What kept me motivated was the incredible people I have had the pleasure of working for and with.

    In this industry, the best education is watching the masters at work, and I’ve had a lot of masters to learn from and still do to this day. The event industry is one of the most progressive industries. It is always at the helm of creativity, with so many innovators and trendsetters leading the way, there is no other direction but, up.  

    2) What pieces in your portfolio of work are you most proud of and why makes them so pertinent/relevant to your position now?

    Working with Cirque du Soleil on the Iris Premiere at the Kodak Theatre. Shutting down Hollywood Blvd and seeing, within a 24-hour time span, an incredible masterpiece of design unfold. This will always be a pivotal moment for me. That experience opened my eyes to what was possible with the design. Joining designer8* was the perfect marriage of all of my experiences. This one in particular because I saw first hand what lounge furniture and custom made designs could do to enhance a space and make an event unforgettable.

    3) What has changed now that you have your new role?

    My role as Director of Sales with designer8* has allowed me to take all of my previous experiences and use them in ways I never thought were possible. I still get to work with an amazing team of people who empower me to be my best. I still have a master as a leader that I get to learn from every day. I would say nothing has changed, I have embarked on a new and better adventure within the industry that still excites me and allows me to help create the magic of an event. 

    4) What makes you different from others of your same position/experience? 

    Everyone has their own style of working with clients. I feel I bring a different approach by not just ‘working’ with a client but building a relationship. I have always been a people person. I like to fully understand where a client is coming from and what their ultimate goal is, so I am able to provide them with a quality product that brings it all to life. I use my experience to offer a different point of view so that the client’s ultimate vision flourishes and our partnership strengthens. I like to connect with people on a deeper level of creativity, which only leads to unmatched results.

    5) What are your favorite venues in SoCal and in NY Tristate?

     Tough question as there are so many. Coming from the venue background I love seeing the many talented designers and restaurateurs create spaces that allow you to use your imagination. A few stand outs, if I was to pin point, would be; Hudson Loft, Ojai Valley Inn, Fort Mason, The Pearl, SF Design Center, Majestic Hall, The Little Door, Fig House, Harvard Club, 583 Park, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Gotham Hall, Spring Studios, The Plaza, Tavern on the Green…Should I keep going? The list is never-ending. Venues are a huge asset to our industry, they lay the groundwork for our products to shine!

    6) What are some of your favorite pieces from designer8*?

     I love to mix and match and designer8* provides so many varieties of styles and design that there is a lot to play with. With our collections it is easy to mix a mid century chair with a sleek modern leather sofa, bring in the wood tones and pop it with a fresh color to create a trendsetting look. Then, on the other hand, you can create an industrial rustic vibe or a bohemian vignette mixed with traditional pieces. Designers and planners want to play around with product to create their vision, so it only makes sense to offer them a wide variety so they can let their imagination flow. At designer8* we bring unparalleled designs to the industry so our clients can continue to innovate.

    7) What was one of your most challenging events/situations in this field and why?

    There is not one in particular but, I would say the many events over Super Bowl weekend stand out here. Not so much challenging as they are incredibly exhilarating. The most talented designers and producers create the official Super Bowl events and bring new and fresh ideas that change the game- no pun intended. We have been so honored to be apart of these unprecedented events and help create the visions of some of the best in the biz. The amount of logistics and planning that go into these events may seem challenging but that is easily forgettable when you see the final product.

    8) What key trends/differences/challenges have you noticed in the NY Tri-State and California markets, and how do you accommodate these differences? 

    We have a good amount of crossover clients. We do work with many bi coastal planners so, in that sense, there is no difference. It is seamless and the transition is easy. 

    I have noticed, in the NY market, clients have been looking for something new and different in regards to event furniture. When designer8* New York opened we received a large amount of feedback from high profile designers, producers, planners, caterers that they have been missing variety and quantity in their market. designer8* NY has an incredible depth of inventory and the wide range of designs that the industry has been missing. We are thrilled that we are able to fill that void and continue to do so by introducing new and innovative designs. 

    On the West Coast, we have seen so many trends come and go over the years, so it is always important that we continue to keep up with this ever changing industry. We work with the best of the best, so it is easy to stay ahead of the curve. We listen to our clients and then we deliver. We have created some of the most beautiful custom pieces for our clients so that they can have that stand out ‘wow’ piece at their event. That is just what we do.

    designer8* is not just another furniture rental company. We are a well versed team of designers who bring new and fresh ideas to the industry. Our event consultants work hand and hand with our clients and deliver the upmost in customer service. We will, without fail, Be the premier event furniture rental company that client’s can rely on to bring their extraordinary visions to life.

    Interview with owner Samantha Sackler

    June 29, 2016


    1. What inspired you to create designer8* Event Furniture Rental 10 years ago?

    Having a background as an event planner for many years, I was able to see the trends moving away from prop heavy to a more stylized aesthetic. There was a growing demand in the industry for high end furniture rental that could compliment every event theme.

    I saw a huge need to open an event furniture rental company.  At the time, many planners did not have trendsetting styled event furniture. I wanted to create an outlet for those planners to be able to put together a more creative vision for their clients.

    Back in the day, you would have to hire a designer even if you were a designer and pay fees on top of fees to rent their furniture.  I saw this as way that the planner could have more autonomy and rent what they wanted without spending their budget. designer8* Event Furniture Rental was born in 2006 and the industry as we knew it changed.

    2. Why do you love the event industry?

    I love the event industry on so many levels.  It has so many layers of creativity.  When I first got started in the business which was over 20 years ago, shockingly, I could see the incredible way this industry would evolve.   It is amazing to see the growth, but what is most impressive is the level of style and creativity that is given to all the events that take place all over the world.   The sky is the limit and I have seen and done things that I never thought possible.   When I talk about layers I am referring to the many different vendors that are involved in the creation of an event and how they seamlessly come together to make one amazing story.   Events are not just about a celebration anymore.  Events are more branded and tell a story about the couple getting married, the corporation acknowledging their sales teams or a non-profit articulating their message.   What we do now in the event world is so much more than just a linen and table with a chair.   It is an experience and one that most people if done right, will remember forever.   

    3. As the owner of many successful companies, what keeps you motivated to continue to expand and do more?

    As an owner of three very successful companies, I find myself striving to diversify and grow with the trends and times.  Not one of my companies can stay in one place and remain successful, especially in this creative industry.   You must always set your bar higher each year and rise above it each time.   I continue to keep things innovative, fresh and fun.   All those that work for my companies have fun, because they are free to express creativity, learn the business side of the event world and see the magic come to life.   I am a huge believer in creating more because as the event world has become savvy, so have our clients.  They have a fierce appetite for the new and unexpected. 

    4. What is it about designer8* Event Furniture Rental that stands out from the other furniture rental companies?

    designer8* Event Furniture Rental is not the typical furniture rental company.  We are not just a fulfillment house that sends out furniture- we work with clients to help design, style and create their visions.   Depending on the client’s needs, we create stylized decks, storyboards, AutoCad renderings and so much more.   Furniture can be daunting for some that are used to conference set ups that is tables and chairs, but they find a need to venture over to lounge.  We make that easy.  There is nothing that we can’t do. All of my teams are fully educated in the field of events and design.   The sky is the limit and at designer8* Event Furniture Rental, we want to reach the peak of making all of our clients happy.   Our lounge offerings are first rate and really set the tone for events.   There is nothing like our company out there. 

    5. What was the decision behind the opening in NY?

     The East Coast requests kept coming in and after working on so many events myself on the east coast, I saw a lack of inventory.  With our variety of styles, design, quality of service and product, we had no choice not to come to the East.   They are hungry for us to be there and provide what we do on the West Coast.   It is time and we have chosen the right product, created new designs and intend on doing exactly what we do on the West Coast back East.   We do not claim we are perfect, but we live by the motto of doing our best keeping our eye on the ball and making sure our events are seamless and beautiful. 

    6. What new trendsetting designs will we see in your NY collections?

    We have a ton of new product coming and I can’t wait for the East Coast to see the amazing array of furniture offerings we have.  We have worked on bringing modern, traditional, mid- century, rustic and so much more to the marketplace.   From our bars to lounge, the East Coast will see the type of designs are stunning and are the best when incorporating a specific design and lounge into an event.   Our Diamond Mirrored Bar is a showpiece to our beautiful Estelle Channeled Sofa Collection.  Each lounge collection, Bar or partition was hand- picked by myself and my creative team.   We are so excited for everyone to see what is to come!   I think when they see all the choices and the quality of styles it will be beyond their expectations and truly trendsetting. 

    furniture rental

     7. Where do you see the designer8* Event Furniture Rental brand in 5 years?

    designer8* in five years will be 15 years old. My goal as an owner, designer, and a person that loves the event world is for each designer8* store that we open, be the best that we can be.   I have plans to go at a pace that makes sense for the company and for the community.   I will not be overextending myself and the company by opening in every place possible.  I will however give my entire heart and soul to each of my locations and make sure they run to the perfection that our clients deserve.   In five years, I hope to be doing what I do today and that is designing and creating the type of event furniture that our clients need.   I want to be the best and provide the best.   It is pretty simple.   

    Rustic Modern – Mix & Match Design

    May 17, 2016

    Scenic Vineyard Design


    Trending today in the event industry is the combination of two distinctly different aesthetics. From the countryside look to the contemporary appeal, we’ve been swooning over the marrying of rustic and modern design.

    Lloyd Collection

    The history of the rustic style finds itself related to the modern aesthetic. With the rise of modernism, rustic style gained popularity as a backlash to the ever-changing art world. An effort to bring tradition back to the forefront is what the rustic style is founded on; raw wood and stone, simple familiar fabrics, natural color scheme, the idea of being “cozy.”


    Paper On Plate Design

    Rustic Elegance – Table setting.


    Pioneered by romantics, realists, and impressionists, Modernism is very much rooted in experimentation. The modern art movement (1860s – 1970s) was a time in which artists began to divulge from traditional art expectations and begin creating the “new.” Modern art is dependent on simplicity, clean lines and shapes, and an uncluttered space.  The courage of modern artists proved contagious and solidified the notion that art can be what we make of it, not what we expect from it.


    Minimalist Rustic Design

    Zinc Pub Table – Rustic wood table legs and modern metallic top create a rustic-modern feel. Paired with Axel metal barstools.


    So here we have a traditional rustic style, and a sophisticated modern style. By combining the two, a harmonious and successful relationship blossoms. Like experimentation led to modernism, it also created the rustic-modern style.


    Wood Partitions

    Wood Panels make a great rustic accent.




    They say opposites attract and we couldn’t agree more. In the event industry, certain combinations of materials, textiles, and textures are very successful and work well together; Colored leather with wood tones, combining different textures, mixing wood tones etc. Essentially, what clashes may turn out to be just what you’re looking for.


    Barn Wedding

    Barn wedding



    Day Bed at Pool PartyCoffee Table And Bar

    Don’t ever underestimate experimenting with design. If it weren’t for the pioneers of modernism’s rebellious ways, we wouldn’t have the rustic-modern aesthetic we’re gushing over today. Rustic and modern may be worlds apart, but together, they are one heck of a combination!





    Luke Collection:

    Lloyd Collection:

    Zinc Pub Table:

    Wood Partitions: 

    Santorini Lanterns:

    Lorenzo 6′ Bar:

    Green And Gorgeous

    January 26, 2016

    Green is just one of those colors that can be both powerful and elegant in event design. It can used as a main color or a beautiful accent. It is an outstanding option for many types of events.

    Green and Gorgeous - 1
















    Green Deco

    Green and Gorgeous-Green Deco








    Art Deco and 1920’s inspiration continue to be popular for events. Instead of the standard gold option, a rich green can really provide a luxurious look. The Kelly Green sofa from designer8* is a true statement piece!

    Kelly Green Sofa – is also available in an L-shaped sectional.

    Kelly Green Sectional –

    A Garden Party with Green

    Green and Gorgeous - 2













    Table linens in green paired with black and white accents. It is a fresh look for this outdoor garden party!

    A Formal Green Affair

    Green and Gorgeous-A formal Affair








    A black sofa with green accents look truly elegant for a wedding or formal party! The Drake sofa in black suede available for rent from designer8* – The Drake Collection (insert link)

    Drake Collection –

    Green with Neutrals

    Green and Gorgeous - Green with Neutrals








    Madeline Collection –

    Green Topiary –

    Kelly Green Collection –

    Lloyd Collection –

    Personalize and Customize your Events

    August 17, 2015

    Brand It

    Personalizing events by using logos and custom decals is a trend that continues to be popular for both social and corporate events. There are so many options to incorporate branding at events – wall art, gobos and custom centerpieces are some of the most frequent items used. White walls from designer8* are a simple and perfect option for custom decals as shown below. These walls include LED battery operated lights and illuminate the custom graphics. designer8*, will make it a breeze to personalize your event with functionality and appearance in mind.


    From Great to Great

    Customize the Experience

    Our inventory is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Starting with concept and ending with execution, design experts will work with you to complete the look you need. An extensive collection of furniture and décor items from bars, lighting, tables, accents are available to feature your branding.

    Charging Station

    Charging Station

    Make It a Masterpiece

    Ready to make your next event a work of art? We’re here to make your vision come true. Our headquarters is located in Los Angeles and we proudly serve other areas across California and neighboring states. Reach out to us at our contact page to tell us your vision for your next event and one of our talented consultants at designer8* with contact you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you customize and personalize your next event!

    Creative Events: Mixing Traditional With Modern Styles

    July 20, 2015


    Over the years designer8* has seen a myriad of designs, styles and rules come and go, especially in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. What does this tell us? There are no rules! In creating your event space it’s more about unleashing your personality and uniting everything you love rather than adhering to a popular trend. To ensure that your mix of modern and traditional doesn’t result in chaotic clutter, plan your event in advance and consider the following.

    How to break the rules!


    Figure out which style you would prefer to be the main entrée and which style you want to be the side dish. You may choose it to be a modern space with traditional accents, or an antique space with contemporary accents. If you don’t let one style dominate the other, your styles will be conflicting; everything in the room is battling for equal attention. To keep things simple, refer to the 80/20 rule: as long as 80 percent of your space is cohesive by the same era, philosophy or style, you can deviate with the other 20 percent.

    Why do you love it?


    If you collect images of furniture that appeals to you, a pattern will form and you’ll have a greater understanding of what you’ll be working with for your next event.

    Harmony or Contrast?


    After figuring out what you like and why you like it, it’s time to determine the look that you are going for: harmony or contrast? If you are aiming for a more restful look and want everything to be in sync, choose pieces of furniture that are more alike, or just a few degrees apart. If you’re looking to create contrast, your goal should be to highlight one or two major contrasts in a room, keeping the rest of the décor neutral or meshed together with a cyclical theme.

    Stir it up



    Now that you have a clue as to what elements are major to your event, go ahead and mix it up.

    • Let one style dominate, and use the other ones for accents.
    • Tie different styles together with the same texture, color, or shape.
    • Get varying nuances by creating harmony or contrast when you mix different styles

    designer8* Event Furniture Rental has an incredible selection of furniture to style your next traditional or modern event. Contact us today at

    Magical Fairytale Themed Events

    May 28, 2015

    As little kids, we all were told fairytales of Cinderella finding her Prince Charming, the Wolf trying to trick Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and Her Seven Dwarfs. At one point or another, we all probably had our fairytale themed birthday parties with printed-paper cups, plates and plastic party favors. However at designer8* Event Furniture Rentals, we make every event or party a fairytale with our high-end furniture and trendsetting concepts. It is our goal to make your dream event or party come to life with our extensive catalog and talented team of designers. Let’s take a look at some of the concepts for some classic as well as some more modern fairytale stories.

    Paulina ChairAlice’s Kid Party Table

    Little Red Riding Hood

    The mood for this fairytale event can be easily set with a simple color scheme, RED! Decorating your party with red accents such as draping, pillows, and even lighting plays on the concept of Little Red Riding Hood. tableFor the ultimate fairytale experience this event should be outside along with a lot of plant life for accessories to give the feel of being in the woods. Wooden tables such as our Luke side tables you see pictured, will also pair well with the foliage to make guests feel as if they are in a forest fairytale. Simple center- pieces of red apples in a glass vase will create a natural red accent and remind guests of granny’s apple pie!drape-combo

    Draping From designer8*Brown Suede Jax Sofa

    Cinderella’s Grand Ball

    chandelierNow here is the most classic fairytale of all, Cinderella! For this type of event we will drop the forest theme and turn up the elegance. The idea color scheme for such an event will include different shades of blue. Light blues will reflect the crystal blue of the princess’s dress and the overall elegance of a ball. For furniture décor playing off of the glass slipper and using glass end tables, bar and elegant lighting such as our Sofia Chandelier is the only way to do this fairytale justice and leave your guests with that happily ever after feeling!


    modern-frozen-partyModern “Frozen” Party

    Disney’s latest animated classic gave audiences a more modern twist on the typical lovable princess story. This type of fairytale will be focused around a winter wonderland with white and ice blue hues. To mimic the main characters journey through a frozen wonderland this party should focus on crystal lighting, mirrored tables and bar as well as woodland accents. An excellent way to give off the feel of being in the “Frozen” experience is an excess of white draping seen here. Silver and ice blue throw pillows can be a perfect accessory to the icy cold atmosphere that is “Frozen”.



    Adelle Sofa


    Adelle Sofa

    Start Planning Your Happily Ever After Event With designer8*

    No matter which fairytale story inspires you, designer8* Event Furniture Rentals is eager to assist you in creating the perfect event! From seating and tables to the cocktail bar, we are here every step of the way from the ideation to execution of your party. Our collection is extensive but if you have a different vision we are happy to work with you so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our talented team is always ready to discuss concepts and specifics with our clients. Although our headquarters is located in Los Angeles we are proud to also serve the areas of San Francisco, Napa, San Jose and more, just check out our homepage for more information! We hope to bring your event it’s happily ever after soon!



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