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    October 23, 2019

    Rich colors of fall hues in plush, cozy fabrics is a good way to add autumn shades to your fall event and fully embrace the seasonal changes. Red, orange, burgundy, amethyst and gold are just a few hues that can add a fall feel to any event. As the weather gets cooler, the leaves begin to change color and fall from their trees, our event furniture décor changes from summer whites to the rich colors of Fall.

    Fall furniture collectionBrowm leather ottomans

    Whether you are planning a large Halloween party using DESIGNER8* customizable light-up bars and light up cocktail tables for an eerily luminous night or an intimate dinner for Thanksgiving, DESIGNER8* furniture rental has all the colorful accessories you would need to plan and host the most memorable festive event.

    Event furniture rentals fo fall parties White event furniture for rent


    October 16, 2019

    Sure, navy is versatile, but if you’re open to something a new and a little more exciting, then peacock blue is for you! Dare to go darker than typical tonal with this decorative punch of color that’s sure to grab your guests’ attention. Meet Sebastian!

    Sebastian Collection

    The Sebastian Collection is a tuxedo leather sofa with button tufting and nail head trim atop tapered legs in a black finish. These pieces offer thick, firm cushioning and a sleek, tailored appearance. Complete this look with twin bolsters or a mix of accent pillows for a dash of distinction.

    Navy sofa with red pillows

    Sure, whites and grays serve as worthy opponents for any space, but nothing awards more style points than properly executing a color pop. Seeking supplementary colors for your newly found obsession with peacock blue? Don’t be afraid to pair with contrasting colors in shades of yellow like chartreuse or gold, pinks like the ever-popular millennial blush or hot pink, oranges, greens, or reds. On the contrary, you also have the option to tone your color scheme down with taupe, brown or black accents, and, of course, other blues.

    Color scheme

    Commitment issues regarding the longevity of this hue? Fear not! Dana Tucker, owner of Bella Tucker, a design firm and decorative refinishing company that specializes in cabinetry, just redid her own kitchen in the color, which speaks to its’ projected lengthy lifespan.


    October 12, 2019

    With any holiday party, there is typically a theme. Holiday parties are a way to get creative with a theme and enhance the guest experience with a thought-out design. Using DESIGNER8* furniture you have so many options at your fingertips to help bring your event to life and Halloween is no exception! Below you’ll see three different takes that can really help you personalize the look. The first look is your traditional black and orange Halloween with black leather sofas and velvet orange ottomans. The second look was inspired by a witch’s lair with purple and green velvets with black accents. And lastly, there is a mummy loft look with white a linen sofa and white accents. While each look is very different, they all have a festive Halloween vibe. So let us help you by adding those extra details to really enhance your look and spook your guests!

    Black and orange furniturePurple and green furnitureTotal white furniture


    October 9, 2019

    As pale as the subtle blush or as bold as bright fuchsia, pink makes a powerful statement. It can be pretty, bold or edgy.  Whether using sofas, loveseats or chairs or simply accented pillows and ottomans – it is such a fun color to use.  Add a touch of navy, taupe, gray to balance out your pink or bring in green, black or white to enhance your bold statement of pink. By using other accent colors around your pink, you can enhance the overall look and add depth and style. Or go bold and bring out the pink and have fun with it! Or simply add in some gold metallic accessories and you have a beautifully finished design! Below you will find some of our favorite pink pieces from DESIGNER8*.

    Pink event furniture collectionPink lounge rentals Pink accent pieces Pink accent pillows


    September 23, 2019

    We are constantly influenced by our times. Our universe has an energy, a movement, a rotation that causes everything within that energy to be affected. Currently we are experiencing a huge influence both ecologically and politically that has affected so much in our daily lives  Sustainability is not a trend but a new way of life, from the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the cars we drive and the homes we build, the consumer has become the most telling part of our future. This also influences our future furniture and design trends. Sustainable products are not a new concept, but with the advancements of technology and the awareness built around the need of green products, we have come to a far more comprehensive level for the need of organic natural materials and fibers. Also handmade, one of a kind, artisan pieces are at a higher demand than their mass-produced counterparts. The most popular renewable materials being used today in furniture and in building design are linen, wool, cotton, bamboo, cork, marble, stone, cement and slate and lots of natural woods. These natural fibers are not only good for sustainability and our future but also have a highly impactful aesthetic.  Some of these natural materials have a very expressive texture and rich feel – velvet, hemp, cork, wicker, and stone add a rich look and feel to any environment. We are also seeing a huge revival of retro pieces that are given a new life with the recovering in new natural fiber. This new revival of retro furniture has also brought with it the colors of this era. Pale pinks, pistachio, and deep ochre yellow have made a huge resurgence in furniture design and something our DESIGNER8* team love to concept from!

    Trendy event furniture rentals


    September 17, 2019

    When it comes to design, it doesn’t get much better than Mid Century modern! It is defined by many factors and has become a desired look for just about every kind of event. Most simply, it can be defined by its architectural features – clean lines, organic curves, different materials, unique colors and lack of embellishment. And while it may look futuristic, it is definitely not a departure from the past.

    Mid Century style was created in the 1930s, but has now come back into vogue full force. Of course, it is also heavily featured in shows like MadMen and The Daily Show among countless magazines and catalogs.

    DESIGNER8* has a number of amazing Mid Century collections that are both classic, minimal and understated – perfect for any setting.


    September 11, 2019

    People may think that pillows are a small part of the process, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Accents are a great way to help elevate and enhance the atmosphere of your event. In addition, they can help bring a color scheme or theme to life in a fun way. Whether you are trying to incorporate your company’s corporate colors, or play on a specific holiday theme, accent pillows are a perfect way to do it. If your event’s color scheme is blue and yellow, it does not mean that your lounge furniture has to be. You can use a white sofa and armchairs and add blue and yellow pillows as a stylish and fun alternative. To make even more of an impact you can mix and match solids and patterns. DESIGNER8* pillow collection offers a variety of colors and patterns and even fun textures.

    Accent pillows make our furniture highly customizable to fit any occasion. The same Estelle lounge collection can look completely different with some bright pink pillows for a bat mitzvah, or a more subtle color arrangement for a TV show premier.

    So do not be afraid to incorporate accent pillows in your event design. It is a small addition that makes a huge difference!


    September 5, 2019

    With Fashion Week fast approaching in New York City, we are taking a look at how fashion trends can impact event trends. Fashion is a leading force on how trends come into play whether it’s in the design world, beauty world or even making political statements. Fashion will always have a significant impact on the culture and by default, the event industry.

    Every season there seems to be a hot new color that is back in style for the season. And believe it or not, but beige is this season’s hottest color! With furniture rentals, you can easily pick and choose from many neutral colors to incorporate into your event. From sofas, to ottomans, to accessorizing with pillows, the options are endless with DESIGNER8*. Whether your theme is rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary, you can translate color into any of those categories.

    Take a look at the below image from the Fendi fashion show in Milan, the runway is bursting with beige in many different tones. If we wanted to translate this look into an event using DESIGNER8* pieces, we could easily do so with the array of options, we provide. Take for example the new Alexis Sofa in Wheat Velvet as our base pairing it with our classic Jagger coffee table and accessorizing it with different color pillows and our Sandstone Velvet Ottomans.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to working with DESIGNER8* to ensure that your event will be one that guests will remember for a long time to come.


    August 15, 2019

    Modern Gatsby takes note from the more ornate Art Deco style of the ’20s and brings it to modern-day 2000s.  This fusion of style mimics the clean geometric lines, use of metallic embellishments and architectural flair embedded in traditional Art Deco design. However, pairing these notably 20’s influences with a minimal color pallet and earthy fabrics brings a fresh appeal to today’s designer. Art Deco décor was first introduced in France in 1925 with the intention of creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication. During this time of technological and industrial growth and with the improvements of machinery, many objects of this era were still handcrafted and designed with precision and often used luxury materials. It was common for items made in classic Art Deco style to include natural elements such as jade, silver, ivory, and chrome. Many of these design influences came from the American Indian and Egyptian cultures, especially with the use of natural materials. In today’s society, we tend to still design with those same influences. Here are a few pictures of the stunning DESIGNER8* collection.

    Gatsby Collection Gatsby Collection of Event Furniture



    August 12, 2019

    With Labor Day around the corner, many are busy planning end of summer events. DESIGNER8* has a plethora of amazing indoor and outdoor looks that can help enhance any event into an elegant one. Below are some inspiration photos for how you can mix and match our white and neutral collections to create a truly custom look.

    Looking to create an upscale yet inviting backyard feel? You can also poolside seating options with our white leather daybeds, white high back leather chairs and white leather ottomans. Or for the ultimate luxury look, add a daybed with a decorative canopy cover.

    White leather daybeds

    Here we used two of our Bianco white lacquer bars to create an outdoor island and buffet station. We also added Reese white and chrome barstools to complete the look and provide additional seating.

    Bianco white lacquer bar

    Another way to bring comfort outside is with plush seating on the sand. Here we used our Santorini wicker furniture with cream cushions which for a natural, yet rich look.

    Santorini wicker furniture

    And of course, there is the gorgeous Havana rattan collection. This look is both casual and comfortable and incredibly neutral – making it hard for guests to leave!

     Havana rattan collection

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