Choosing the Best Event Furniture for an Outdoor Event

We think it’s absolutely heartbreaking when a host doesn’t select furniture to complement the look of the venue.  This is especially true when the venue is a beautiful outdoor setting.  Fortunately, if you choose designer8* furniture, you won’t have this problem.  Every piece of furniture that we provide can be used in both indoor and outdoor venues.  There are countless possibilities for designing your outdoor space.  That’s why you should come to designer8* when you’re choosing the best furniture for an outdoor event.

Event Lounge Furniture

Investing in proper seating arrangements is always an excellent idea. Providing a place to sit fulfills a need guests will appreciate, especially the injured and those with uncomfortable shoes.  Nothing sours an event like urgently needing a place to sit, but unable to find one anywhere.  Likewise, crowding the space with too many seats can impede the sociability of the event. Guest will not be happy if they can’t make their way to the bar or the bathroom safely.  Worse, your service staff will not be able to do their job.  Our goal is to work with the space available to maximize seating and comfort.  Your guests should be able to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves freely.

How do we envision your space?  The simple answer is it depends.  We generally like to mix soft seating options, like lounge furniture, with cocktail seating.  That means furniture like sofas, loveseats, high stools, bar stools, and coffee and communal tables are arranged throughout the space.  The furniture placement matches the function of the area with the expected flow of the room.  In all cases, the furniture and décor will perfectly communicate your theme.

Should your event require privacy, or partitioning of the venue, we can add walls and decorative backdrop vignettes.  Many customers request these products for hosting VIPs, or to provide more display spaces for exhibits. Walls and vignettes can be used to enhance the event by breaking it up into multiple experiences, each with their own vibe.  In a practical sense, walls and vignettes work to separate guests from unpleasant views, whether natural or otherwise.  They could hide on-call paramedics at your event, and give any guests seeking treatment privacy in a vulnerable time.

Having a stunning outdoor space as your venue is great, but placing the right furniture elements in it is important.  designer8* can provide elegant outdoor décor, walls, and vignettes that turn that natural landscape into a fantastic and functional space.  Let us enrich your venue, and turn your outdoor event into an amazing beautiful one.