Magical Fairytale Themed Events

As little kids, we all were told fairytales of Cinderella finding her Prince Charming, the Wolf trying to trick Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and Her Seven Dwarfs. At one point or another, we all probably had our fairytale themed birthday parties with printed-paper cups, plates and plastic party favors. However at designer8* Event Furniture Rentals, we make every event or party a fairytale with our high-end furniture and trendsetting concepts. It is our goal to make your dream event or party come to life with our extensive catalog and talented team of designers. Let’s take a look at some of the concepts for some classic as well as some more modern fairytale stories.

Paulina ChairAlice’s Kid Party Table

Little Red Riding Hood

The mood for this fairytale event can be easily set with a simple color scheme, RED! Decorating your party with red accents such as draping, pillows, and even lighting plays on the concept of Little Red Riding Hood. tableFor the ultimate fairytale experience this event should be outside along with a lot of plant life for accessories to give the feel of being in the woods. Wooden tables such as our Luke side tables you see pictured, will also pair well with the foliage to make guests feel as if they are in a forest fairytale. Simple center- pieces of red apples in a glass vase will create a natural red accent and remind guests of granny’s apple pie!drape-combo

Draping From designer8*Brown Suede Jax Sofa

Cinderella’s Grand Ball

chandelierNow here is the most classic fairytale of all, Cinderella! For this type of event we will drop the forest theme and turn up the elegance. The idea color scheme for such an event will include different shades of blue. Light blues will reflect the crystal blue of the princess’s dress and the overall elegance of a ball. For furniture décor playing off of the glass slipper and using glass end tables, bar and elegant lighting such as our Sofia Chandelier is the only way to do this fairytale justice and leave your guests with that happily ever after feeling!


modern-frozen-partyModern “Frozen” Party

Disney’s latest animated classic gave audiences a more modern twist on the typical lovable princess story. This type of fairytale will be focused around a winter wonderland with white and ice blue hues. To mimic the main characters journey through a frozen wonderland this party should focus on crystal lighting, mirrored tables and bar as well as woodland accents. An excellent way to give off the feel of being in the “Frozen” experience is an excess of white draping seen here. Silver and ice blue throw pillows can be a perfect accessory to the icy cold atmosphere that is “Frozen”.



Adelle Sofa


Adelle Sofa

Start Planning Your Happily Ever After Event With designer8*

No matter which fairytale story inspires you, designer8* Event Furniture Rentals is eager to assist you in creating the perfect event! From seating and tables to the cocktail bar, we are here every step of the way from the ideation to execution of your party. Our collection is extensive but if you have a different vision we are happy to work with you so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Our talented team is always ready to discuss concepts and specifics with our clients. Although our headquarters is located in Los Angeles we are proud to also serve the areas of San Francisco, Napa, San Jose and more, just check out our homepage for more information! We hope to bring your event it’s happily ever after soon!