The Best Lounge Furniture Rental for Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, the design and ambiance of the room can elevate or degenerate your event.  No detail is too small to ensure your wedding ceremony and reception reflect your style elegantly.  Of course, this must be balanced with making sure that your guests are comfortable.  For the best lounge furniture rental to flawlessly match your matrimonial dreams, you’ll want furniture from us at designer8*.

Accessory Wedding Rentals

The most beautiful weddings marry fashion and function.  We embrace your overall theme and apply it to the ceremony and reception space.  Once we understand the feeling and flow of the venue, we consider the activities you want to occur.  For example, should your space encourage dancing after dinner, or have your guests mingle with hours oeuvres during cocktail hour?  Then we select elegant, high-quality furniture that embodies the spirit of the event. Since the relaxation of your guests is important, we select pieces that are comfortable.

Our collection of furniture is sure to match the look that you expect for your event.  We have a classic, traditional furniture with soft textures and rich coloring that can add a dramatic look to your venue.   Our collection contains many midcentury pieces that are quite popular today.  We also have the right pieces to complete a modern wedding aesthetic full of sleek silhouettes. No matter the mood you are looking to create, we can deliver the furniture to match.

We have the right tables too!  Many times, designers will focus on the seating arrangements only, and neglect the other furniture needs of your guests.  On your wedding day, your guest may have a drink, appetizer plate, purse, and other accouterments at the same time.  Imagine having your guest awkwardly balance all of these on their laps. To avoid this, we can provide beautiful coffee tables, placed conveniently among the seats.  Your guests can rest their refreshment nearby as they get comfortable and interact with each other.  We also provide communal tables that give an opportunity to showcase elegant lighting and table decorations.  They also serve as common areas where new in-laws and friends can socialize and connect.  After all, what’s the point of having a reception if your family doesn’t come together as one?

We will make your wedding the enviously gorgeous affair that you promised your guests.  Our furniture will complement the space so well that your family will talk about your stunning wedding reception for years.  We provide cozy furniture that your elderly relatives will appreciate after tearing up the dance floor to the Cupid Shuffle.

We are designer8*, and we have the best lounge furniture rental for your perfect wedding.