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Trending today in the event industry is the combination of two distinctly different aesthetics. From the countryside look to the contemporary appeal, we’ve been swooning over the marrying of rustic and modern design.

Lloyd Collection

The history of the rustic style finds itself related to the modern aesthetic. With the rise of modernism, rustic style gained popularity as a backlash to the ever-changing art world. An effort to bring tradition back to the forefront is what the rustic style is founded on; raw wood and stone, simple familiar fabrics, natural color scheme, the idea of being “cozy.”


Paper On Plate Design
Rustic Elegance – Table setting.


Pioneered by romantics, realists, and impressionists, Modernism is very much rooted in experimentation. The modern art movement (1860s – 1970s) was a time in which artists began to divulge from traditional art expectations and begin creating the “new.” Modern art is dependent on simplicity, clean lines and shapes, and an uncluttered space.  The courage of modern artists proved contagious and solidified the notion that art can be what we make of it, not what we expect from it.


Minimalist Rustic Design
Zinc Pub Table – Rustic wood table legs and modern metallic top create a rustic-modern feel. Paired with Axel metal barstools.


So here we have a traditional rustic style, and a sophisticated modern style. By combining the two, a harmonious and successful relationship blossoms. Like experimentation led to modernism, it also created the rustic-modern style.


Wood Partitions
Wood Panels make a great rustic accent.




They say opposites attract and we couldn’t agree more. In the event industry, certain combinations of materials, textiles, and textures are very successful and work well together; Colored leather with wood tones, combining different textures, mixing wood tones etc. Essentially, what clashes may turn out to be just what you’re looking for.


Barn Wedding
Barn wedding



Day Bed at Pool PartyCoffee Table And Bar

Don’t ever underestimate experimenting with design. If it weren’t for the pioneers of modernism’s rebellious ways, we wouldn’t have the rustic-modern aesthetic we’re gushing over today. Rustic and modern may be worlds apart, but together, they are one heck of a combination!





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