Designer Rooms

Recreating high-end designer rooms can be tricky when you’re on a budget. Luckily, it is achievable with DIY replications and even event furniture rentals. Rentals don’t have to be just for events they can be used in photoshoots, enhancing lobby’s and even home staging. Recreating designer rooms on a rental budget can be achieved by using rental pieces for your home staging or even used in recreating an event with a high end, chicly designed room for a fraction of the cost.

The rooms below have pieces of high-end designer furniture that for most people can be out of budget or reach. By using similar high-end event furniture rentals from DESIGNER8*, you can recreate this look on a budget. Items don’t have to be exactly to same to achieve the look, as long as shapes, textures, and colors are close, you can easily achieve the look.

When a guest enters a space whether it’s a staged living room or an event, you ultimately want your guest to experience the feeling that you cared about them. You want your guest to feel comfortable, welcomed and wowed! Using a high-end rental piece to stay within your budget is a great affordable option that only you will know is rented!

Furniture rental pieces in room decor
Jayson Sofa in Emerald Velvet and Wassily Chair in Black Leather
event furniture collections in room decor
Alexis Sofa in Dusty Rose Velvet and Cambridge/Winston Sofa in Brown Leather