Cigar Lounge


Samantha Sackler - Cigar Lounge

Want to please the men (and some women, like me) at your event? Cigars. Bring in a cigar roller, set them up in a small lounge area from the chattering crowd, and men and women who like to smoke will find that area. They will train their eyes on the cigar roller and talk among themselves in hushed voices about

this political drama or that stock market tip.

Make it a small area, seating 10 to 20. Your guests will stand while the cigar roller sits on a chair rolling his wares on the coffee table by the couch, and you are in business. I recommend our Nailhead line in chocolate brown suede for a true “library” feel, or go stark white with no frills.

Okay, this is a soft sell, I swear. Take a look at our match collection (yes, we can customize them with your initials if you like). Order plenty of matches, because experience tells us that those men and women of cigar land steal them like they were mints.