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    March 10, 2020

    There are no real rules when it comes to eclectic style. Eclectic style is all about harmony and the combination of shape and proportion. With juxtaposing textures and contrasting colors to create a cohesive inviting space, most of which portrays décor freedom and fun, not having set rules and cookie cutter looks.

    We are seeing a mix of outdoor, indoor, natural materials and different furniture era styles. Aztec patterns, raffia fabrics, mid-century modern silhouettes, pops of color, mixed patterns, outdoor rattan and indoor materials make for a chic yet eclectic look.

    Our newest DESIGNER8* collection includes a unique mix of rattans, metals and mid-century elements to help our clients achieve their own eclectic looks.

    ROARING 20’S

    February 24, 2020

    We just entered into a new year and a new decade and we are seeing a new trend in event themes – Roaring 20s parties!

    Whether your theme is Great Gatsby, 1920s Chicago, Prohibition, 20s Art Deco, The Golden Age, Jazz or Gangster, DESIGNER8* Event Furniture Rental can help enhance your event and bring your vision to life. DESIGNER8* has dozens of lounge collections and accents that can be custom-curated for any of these themes. We can help pull together lounge seating, bars, back-bars in materials ranging from leather and velvet to glass and metal. And we have a show-stopping champagne tower complete with stairs for a server!

    In addition to our furniture line, we can also help design and fabricate custom scenic pieces for décor, photo moments and more. You can even create a speakeasy-style entrance with a “secret password” at the door for entry as a way to engage guests from the very start.


    February 18, 2020

    From candy hearts to love letters to beautiful florals, there are a number of traditions associated with Valentine’s Day and love. However, the one that holds true year-round is the use of vibrant jewel-tone colors.

    At DESIGNER8*, we have a wide selection of jewel tone furniture and accessories. These can be used together or mixed with any of our other collections to create unique styles to match any event style, theme or décor.

    Our designers are here to help!


    February 10, 2020

    Stylized trade show booths are on the rise. Out are the dated, cheap convention show furniture pieces and in are the creative custom styled booths that feel like you’re walking into your living room. Whether it’s a lounge or registration counters or communal seating, DESIGNER8* has many offerings to fit any size and style booth.

    Along with our furniture, we have other capabilities including custom scenic pieces and decaling. Most all our furniture can be customized to meet your brand guidelines. This can be anything from decaling a bar or communal table to custom pillows and accents, we have a team that is there to help! In addition, we are also able to help design and fabricate any custom scenic pieces that your booth may require.

    Not only does DESIGNER8* have plenty of offerings that will fit your needs, we are also very experienced when it comes to convention centers. More specifically, we understand the challenges and considerations that must be taken into account with regards to union houses, delivery schedules, loading docks and wait times, as well as on-site logistics and drayage handling. And of course, we are more than happy to help our clients manage this process and work through scheduling as well.

    The possibilities are endless for a custom booth and DESIGNER8* is here to help!


    January 27, 2020

    Everyone knows how important catering is to an event. DESIGNER8* can help you bring these amazing elements to life in a way that is both functional as well as visually pleasing.

    Gone are the days of folding tables and linens! Instead, clients are now opting for more modern and clean display looks and we have a wide variety of communal and dining styles to suit your needs. Our tables are sleek, contemporary and the perfect height for displaying and serving all of your food and beverage items. Our table collection comes in a variety of colors and finishes and as can be ordered in slim or regular to fit any venue.

    In addition to table top options, clients are also using bars and back bars as food displays and stations. Again, we have a number of styles and sizes to choose from to coordinate with each and every style event. We can also work with you to customize our collection with decals and monograms.


    January 22, 2020

    A new year means new trends, we have listed some of the top 2020 trends that can be seen in event décor. Channel back seating has made a big resurgence with its retro feel and sleek design. The DESIGNER8* Alexis Collection comes in wheat and dusty rose.

    Industrial lighting has been a huge trend in the past few years and has quickly made its way into event rentals as well. Sculptural furniture is also a big trend for the new year, especially in seating. DESIGNER8* offers many styles with sculptural shapes and silhouettes. The Adele sofa and bench can be configured into round or serpentine shapes.

    Sustainability and eco-friendly furnishings have been and will continue to be a huge trend in the new year. DESIGNER8* reuses and recycles many materials to make their furniture more sustainable, including the Reclaimed Bar, which is made of reclaimed lumber.


    January 8, 2020

    Not everything at your event needs to have color, sometimes a beautiful winter white is even more impactful. A lot of times when people think of all white furniture they think of the old trends where a lot of the furniture was basic whites, however the design in furniture has come a long way in events and today there are many different ways to play up the all-white look.

    Whether you’re going for a super modern look or classic, DESIGNER8* has your look covered. Keeping everything monochromatic with white allows your eye and your guests to focus on the main event. If you have too many patterns or colors, your focus tends to shift to the furniture and not the main reason why guests are there in the first place. The below examples are two completely different styles but both all white. Each look stands out yet doesn’t distract from your event!




    December 30, 2019

    For those who haven’t heard, Pantone just named the 2020 Color of the Year and its Classic Blue! DESIGNER8* has also had an appreciation for the shade that Pantone says brings “a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit”. That said, we offer an incredible assortment of classic blue products and accents. Here is a quick look at just a few of the amazing blue collections that can be found on


    December 23, 2019

    As the end of the year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about trends for 2020. In order to stay on top of the game, you need to pay attention to the ever-changing event industry and fashion world. This year we saw bold color choices, more lounge seating over standing, and many monochromatic designs. As we look ahead, DESIGNER8* is always thinking ahead of the trend to see what the next big hit will be!


    One of the biggest trends were going to see is bold eclectic mixing of lounge. Clients are thinking outside the box and using different styles of lounge in many colorways to mix and match and create a fun and inviting environment. DESIGNER8* has many different types of styles in many different colors from modern to traditional to contemporary to vintage that will all help you achieve this look.

    Another big trend we think we’re going to be seeing is the use of greens. Rental hedge walls and matching green furniture is going to be a huge staple in 2020. This ties into the color blocking and nature aspect that many people are leaning towards. These are just a few ideas of what we think we’re going to be seeing in the coming year. Whatever your needs are, DESIGNER8* has what you’re looking for!


    December 8, 2019

    DESIGNER8* is now offering a selection of holiday décor rentals on the East Coast. We have a wide assortment of our festive décor and lounge options for the upcoming holiday season. These hassle-free décor items include pre-lit and pre-decorated 6.5ft artificial Winchester Firs, 10ft artificial Dunhill Firs, 32” battery operated wreaths, and 2ft potted poinsettias. This season, take the stress out of unpacking and re-packing your decorations this year and leave the décor to us.

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