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    June 21, 2019

    The latest trend in wedding décor is traditional with a contemporary flair. The easiest way to pull off this look is knowing when to use traditional décor and when and where to mix in contemporary accents for the perfect look. DESIGNER8* furniture inventory is stocked with a number of collections and accessories to help you achieve this trendy look.

    Wedding lounge furniture

    DESIGNER8* also offers a number of unconventional color palettes and fabrics. We also have a deep inventory of silk pillows in metallics, pastels and a number of other rich colors. Our newest lounge furniture is now available in magenta, kelly green, navy, blush and platinum velvet.

    Accent pieces for weddings

    We also have an amazing assortment of designer tables, chairs and bars inspired by every era of décor to mix in with our lounge collections.

    White chair for weddingsCoffee Table for WeddingsWhite Chair for Rent

    Pink Chair for RentCoffee table for rentPink Chair for Weddings


    May 14, 2019

    Summer wedding season has officially begun! Along with the joys, florals, and love in the air, one must make sure that their wedding has all the essentials to comfortably host guests during the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. DESIGNER8* offers a huge new line of plush velvet seating, gold accent tables, and accessories as well as an amazing selection of bars and back bars. DESIGNER8* has all event planners and brides covered and will help make your special day will be as memorable as the “I Do” itself.

    Our amazing Grayson in Steel Blue and Jayson in Navy Blue along with the Alexis Dusty Rose are all show-stopping velvet collections that will have your guests in awe.

    Alexis Collection of Event Furniture Jayson Collection of Event Furniture

    We carry an amazing assortment of coffee tables in gold, silver, wicker, wood, white glass – along with beautiful cocktail tables and barstools to match! Cocktail hour helps transition guests from the ceremony to reception and the first impression for the celebration to follow.

    Lighting Design Cocktail Table Cocktail Table for Events Gold Table

    Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Couples always want to make sure their guests are well fed and taken care of throughout the event and this starts a stunning bar and exceptional service. We look forward to helping all of our engaged couples bring their wedding dreams to life in the upcoming season!

    Event Bar Bar Rentals for Outdoor Wedding Outdoor Wedding


    March 27, 2019

    Regardless of the event or theme, the objective is to make each engagement truly spectacular. DESIGNER8* believes there are three keys to a successful event partnership that will help turn your event vision into reality. The three attributes to look for in a partner:

    • Working with a knowledgeable designer
    • Bringing in high quality and high style rentals
    • Convenient and hassle-free vendors


    Our event designers and event specialists thrive on design and décor. They adore their profession because it is highly creative and work hand in hand with our clients to bring their visions to life. Our team has the unique ability to completely transform a space and create magic with expertise in the areas of event rentals, lightning, scenic props, florals, entertainment and all of the custom details in between.


    At DESIGNER8*, we live for creating amazing experiences. Whether it’s a gala, outdoor event or corporate exhibition, our passion is finding the right furniture to fit each and every event. Our extensive inventory of trendsetting furniture, custom scenic props, lighting, and accessories are sure to take your event to the next level. Our collections, ranging from classic to modern, are designed and created specifically for the event industry to bring style and functionality to any event.  


    It is important to find a company that offers great service and competitive pricing. We take pride in our work and it shows in each piece of furniture and with each team member onsite. Our people are clean and polite and our customer service is a cut above the rest. Another important reason for selecting a company like DESIGNER8* is the fact that we don’t just deliver our furniture, but we also place each piece exactly where you want it.  And when your event ends, our team is there to strike quickly and efficiently.



    March 6, 2019

    As a couple begins planning their wedding, there are a number of options when it comes to the design and décor of your ceremony and reception. Adding lounge furniture is an easy way to enhance your special day and add that extra “wow” factor for you and your guests. By bringing in stylish furniture, you have the opportunity to further customize the look and feel of your venue and create the prefect vibe and atmosphere.

    Set the tone of your big day with a ceremony look that brings your personal style to life. This can include everything from casual outdoor lounge seating to more formal style indoor looks. You can then use the cocktail hour to transition into the reception of your dreams. This can range from a soothing outdoor paradise to a sexy, club vibe. Lastly, give your guests a comfortable spot to rest their feet from dancing and recharge during the reception. You can also create a family room style layout with custom vignettes where your guests can connect and indulge in conversation. And don’t forget to add stylish accents including bars, back bars, pillows, rugs, partition walls and decorative chandeliers! DESIGNER8* has an incredible variety of styles and depth of inventory to bring your vision to life for budgets big and small.

    Working with the experts at DESIGNER8*, you will have the opportunity to design every aspect of your event without all of the logistical headaches of managing it. More specifically, our team helps with all of the planning pieces including delivery, set up and pick up. You simply let us know where and when the furniture is needed and we take care of the rest!

    Ottomans for Wedding Matched Furniture Collections for Weddings

    Rustic Modern – Mix & Match Design

    May 17, 2016

    Scenic Vineyard Design


    Trending today in the event industry is the combination of two distinctly different aesthetics. From the countryside look to the contemporary appeal, we’ve been swooning over the marrying of rustic and modern design.

    Lloyd Collection

    The history of the rustic style finds itself related to the modern aesthetic. With the rise of modernism, rustic style gained popularity as a backlash to the ever-changing art world. An effort to bring tradition back to the forefront is what the rustic style is founded on; raw wood and stone, simple familiar fabrics, natural color scheme, the idea of being “cozy.”


    Paper On Plate Design

    Rustic Elegance – Table setting.


    Pioneered by romantics, realists, and impressionists, Modernism is very much rooted in experimentation. The modern art movement (1860s – 1970s) was a time in which artists began to divulge from traditional art expectations and begin creating the “new.” Modern art is dependent on simplicity, clean lines and shapes, and an uncluttered space.  The courage of modern artists proved contagious and solidified the notion that art can be what we make of it, not what we expect from it.


    Minimalist Rustic Design

    Zinc Pub Table – Rustic wood table legs and modern metallic top create a rustic-modern feel. Paired with Axel metal barstools.


    So here we have a traditional rustic style, and a sophisticated modern style. By combining the two, a harmonious and successful relationship blossoms. Like experimentation led to modernism, it also created the rustic-modern style.


    Wood Partitions

    Wood Panels make a great rustic accent.




    They say opposites attract and we couldn’t agree more. In the event industry, certain combinations of materials, textiles, and textures are very successful and work well together; Colored leather with wood tones, combining different textures, mixing wood tones etc. Essentially, what clashes may turn out to be just what you’re looking for.


    Barn Wedding

    Barn wedding



    Day Bed at Pool PartyCoffee Table And Bar

    Don’t ever underestimate experimenting with design. If it weren’t for the pioneers of modernism’s rebellious ways, we wouldn’t have the rustic-modern aesthetic we’re gushing over today. Rustic and modern may be worlds apart, but together, they are one heck of a combination!





    Luke Collection:

    Lloyd Collection:

    Zinc Pub Table:

    Wood Partitions: 

    Santorini Lanterns:

    Lorenzo 6′ Bar:

    Outdoor Lounging – Introducing the Hamptons Line

    May 16, 2013

    Hamptons Furniture Collection - designer8* event Furniture Rental

    The Hamptons Line by designer8*

    With a breeze in your hair and the sun on your skin, hosting an outdoor event is the perfect way to usher in the beautiful spring and summer seasons. Once you eliminate the confines of walls, ceilings, and doors, the possibilities for your events become as limitless as your imagination.

    But that’s not to say that anything goes just because you are hosting an event outside—there is still a level of refinement and functionality that needs to be kept in mind. When done right, outdoor events are absolutely some of the most memorable. (But when they go wrong, boy do they go wrong. Warm drinks, flying tablecloths, inadequate seating—no one wants any part of that.)

    Balancing Form with Function

    While a lack of confinement leaves plenty of room for creativity, it can also quickly become overwhelming if you don’t know how to manage it. You want to embrace the space, not drown in it. The configuration of your space can make or break your event (we’ve all been to those parties where you can hardly squeeze past the tables and chairs and you would rather go hungry than have to maneuver your way to the food table again), and that’s where choosing the right type and style of furniture comes into play.

    It’s best to avoid creating a false sense of enclosure whenever possible, but you don’t want to create a feeling of aimlessness, either. In that regard, open settings and lounge furniture are ideal for subtly guiding guests toward common areas. That way, they have room to move around with ease or sit if they wish, but mingling is still encouraged.

    And while it is often necessary to completely transform an indoor space to fit a theme, outdoor events tend to work much better when they play off of the beauty of their natural surroundings.

    That’s why we decided to go with muted, beach-inspired aesthetics for our newest collection of outdoor furniture, the Hamptons Line. Featuring an outdoor sectional sofa with surf-colored cushions in blues and greens and matching beachwood coffee and end tables that are complemented perfectly by our Reclaimed Bar, the Hamptons Line creates the perfect ambience for any outdoor event.

    Furnish the Perfect Outdoor Event with designer8* Event Furniture Rental

    So as the weather warms across the country and wedding season fast approaches, now is the time to reserve the furniture that you have been dreaming of for your event. Whether you are interested in being one of the first to rent our brand new Hamptons Line or you want to rent any of our other fantastic outdoor sectionals, tables, or chairs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

    Hamptons Collection Armless ChairHamptons Collection Sectional SofaHamptons Collection Armless ChairHamptons Collection End TableHamptons Collection Coffee TableHamptons Collection Console Tabled8 - Samantha Sackler

    Cigar Lounge

    December 7, 2012


    Samantha Sackler - Cigar Lounge

    Want to please the men (and some women, like me) at your event? Cigars. Bring in a cigar roller, set them up in a small lounge area from the chattering crowd, and men and women who like to smoke will find that area. They will train their eyes on the cigar roller and talk among themselves in hushed voices about

    this political drama or that stock market tip.

    Make it a small area, seating 10 to 20. Your guests will stand while the cigar roller sits on a chair rolling his wares on the coffee table by the couch, and you are in business. I recommend our Nailhead line in chocolate brown suede for a true “library” feel, or go stark white with no frills.

    Okay, this is a soft sell, I swear. Take a look at our match collection (yes, we can customize them with your initials if you like). Order plenty of matches, because experience tells us that those men and women of cigar land steal them like they were mints.


    Why is Lounge Replacing Sit Down?

    December 6, 2012

    Is it any wonder that lounge is replacing large sit-down rounds? Who be the name of my planning company; I was always ahead of the curve.) Lounge keeps the conversation fresh during your event, and it encourages true mingling. New stats suggest that parties last longer with lounge. Good news for me. Bad news for white table cloths.

    The question I’m asked most is, “How do I figure out the lounge setup?” Okay, here are some hints.

    What is the makeup of your guest list by age? The younger the crowd, the more high-top tables should be in play, with a few stools and plenty of room to stand. The reason I designed our high tops the way I did was to avoid that long cloth that blows in the wind, revealing the underbelly of the table in a not-so-cool way. The younger the crowd, the more ottomans you should have, and not so much on the three-seater couches. The younger the crowd, the larger the “room” area of the lounge.

    Now, let’s talk about the older folks. A wedding for 200? You have 30 older people coming? Set up five (always an odd number) 56-inch rounds for the older folks, who do so love to sit at a table. Put those tables as far from the music as you can. Put six chairs around those tables, and everyone is happy.

    If you are doing the entire event in lounge (music to my ears), then do lounge seating for 80 percent of your guests (yes, you can count the ottomans). When you do a cost comparison, lounge will be less expensive than the dressed tables of old. Trust me on this.

    Yes, the trend for lounge is continuing to grow. So is my inventory. So is our innovative attention to what is cool tomorrow.

    Inception Movie Premiere After Party



    Unveiled Bridal Event

    June 7, 2011

    designer8* Event Furniture Rental was featured at the Unveiled

    Bridal Event at the exquisite Beverly Canon Gardens in Beverly Hills on Sunday, March 28, 2011. The event featured some of the best wedding resources around including Classic Party Rentals who used our Addison Dining Table, Kane Sofa, and Alexander Chandelier for their display. A special thanks goes out to Classic Party Rentals for all their support in designer8*!