Weekly Trend Watch With Sergio Finetto: Pulling An All-Nighter

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We’ve all pulled all-nighters to write that last minute term paper, but what about pulling an all-nighter of partying? Couples that party together, stay together. Weddings don’t have to be traditional, especially when you love to eat, dance, and drink all night long.

By changing the venue, or simply moving the party to another room with different furniture style and light settings, will create a totally new vibe where the party continues after the reception. The “after-party” is fully designed to meet late night partygoers with specially created comfort food and custom drink pairings. Along with dancing to great music, include fun activities that will create ever-lasting memories for your guests.

If you feel like making your big day an all-nighter you should consider contacting the designer8* team. Take a look at the two amazing looks they have created for the same event. Starting off the night in classic and chic romance red, then transform the space to a cool New York club vibe. They even have a team that will perform the furniture switcheroo; all you have to do is show up and party.

Just one big thing to do: make sure to arrange transportation back to hotels and homes for your guests, always party responsibly. Happy Wedding!

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