The Great Gatsby Premiere Party

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“Luxe Ballroom”

designer8* & the Great Gatsby Premiere

Baz Luhrmann’s much-anticipated The Great Gatsby premiered in New York last week, and we were proud to have the honor of designing a unique line of furniture for the event.

We took inspiration for this collection from the Art Deco sensibilities of the 1920s and the characteristic opulence of Jay Gatsby’s parties. Because the Roaring Twenties were such iconic years in the nation’s history and The Great Gatsby such an important piece of American literature, we wanted to capture everyone’s imaginations and bring the essence of the era to life.

A 1920s Revival

To that end, New York’s Plaza Hotel (which itself

for rent. The clean Art Deco style would be perfect for any sophisticated, elegant event that you might be planning, and the golden champagne tower is sure to elevate the extravagance of any occasion.

If you would like to furnish your event with the same fabulous pieces that Leonardo diCaprio, Jay-Z, and countless other stars lounged upon, contact designer8* Event Furniture Rental today.

Great Gatsby Furniture Line - Coch

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