Modern Gatsby takes note from the more ornate Art Deco style of the ’20s and brings it to modern-day 2000s.  This fusion of style mimics the clean geometric lines, use of metallic embellishments and architectural flair embedded in traditional Art Deco design. However, pairing these notably 20’s influences with a minimal color pallet and earthy fabrics brings a fresh appeal to today’s designer. Art Deco décor was first introduced in France in 1925 with the intention of creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication. During this time of technological and industrial growth and with the improvements of machinery, many objects of this era were still handcrafted and designed with precision and often used luxury materials. It was common for items made in classic Art Deco style to include natural elements such as jade, silver, ivory, and chrome. Many of these design influences came from the American Indian and Egyptian cultures, especially with the use of natural materials. In today’s society, we tend to still design with those same influences. Here are a few pictures of the stunning DESIGNER8* collection.

Gatsby Collection Gatsby Collection of Event Furniture