When planning an event or meeting, one of the hardest parts can be accommodating your attendees in the most engaging way. Dividing the room and determining the needs of your attendees and their traffic flow through their event space is one of the most important decisions for an event planner. Traditional layouts have their place and can often maximize the room capacity, but if you are willing to experiment you can use new and more creative formats to maximize your event space footprint. Choosing the right layout is important because it can change the overall guest experience at your event. It also sets the stage for your events overall theme and flow. Whether it is to increase engagement in a meeting setting or encourage separate private conversations, the room layout truly sets the stage.

Cocktail tables

Cocktail tables are a great way to separate space. Usually found around a bar encouraging socializing and a table to use to set food and beverage on, cocktail tables are also a great way to maximize your overall footprint and stimulate socialization amongst your guests. By placing cocktail tables in smaller corners or dead spaces of your event will also draw your attendees to these spaces and allow them to spread out and congregate.

Event Benches

Benches are a great way to maximize seating for your guests. Perfect for any occasion, whether for a wedding reception or premiere after party, benches have a smaller footprint than most sofas and can accommodate seating on all sides. Benches can also be placed against a wall with coffee or side tables for guests to lounge, eat and socialize comfortably in a more casual way than standard table chair seating.

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