Let’s talk accessories!

What are accessories and do you really need them to complete the look of your event? In a word, YES! Accessories are the finishing touch when it comes to the color, texture and shape of your decor. The role they play is an important one. They reflect your style philosophy and pull your other décor selections together to create groupings that make design sense. To fully appreciate the impact accessories can make, let us consider other examples of things that require a “finishing touch”. Can you picture: A cake without icing? A gift without the wrapping? A little black dress without the right jewelry? Of course not! There’s a reason for the phrase ‘the devil is in the details’. At DESIGNER8*, we offer more than just lounge, bars, cocktail tables, we add pillows, lighting, area rugs, florals or ottomans will enhance any lounge setting and take it to the next level.

When starting the design process, it is important to set aside a portion of your budget specifically for these elements. Clients sometimes go all out planning their event and focus on the major pieces early in the process, only to run out of steam (and finances) to fully complete the space. Accounting for accessories from the very beginning will ensure you to stay on track along the way.

Take for example the lounge setting below on the top and the final accessorized layout on the bottom. The added pillows, rugs, florals, lamp and candles pull the entire look together. It makes you feel invited, warm and leaves you with the thought that your host cared enough about you to make you feel welcome.

Event Furniture Layout
Event Furniture Layout with accessories