Interview with owner Samantha Sackler


1. What inspired you to create designer8* Event Furniture Rental 10 years ago?

Having a background as an event planner for many years, I was able to see the trends moving away from prop heavy to a more stylized aesthetic. There was a growing demand in the industry for high end furniture rental that could compliment every event theme.

I saw a huge need to open an event furniture rental company.  At the time, many planners did not have trendsetting styled event furniture. I wanted to create an outlet for those planners to be able to put together a more creative vision for their clients.

Back in the day, you would have to hire a designer even if you were a designer and pay fees on top of fees to rent their furniture.  I saw this as way that the planner could have more autonomy and rent what they wanted without spending their budget. designer8* Event Furniture Rental was born in 2006 and the industry as we knew it changed.

2. Why do you love the event industry?

I love the event industry on so many levels.  It has so many layers of creativity.  When I first got started in the business which was over 20 years ago, shockingly, I could see the incredible way this industry would evolve.   It is amazing to see the growth, but what is most impressive is the level of style and creativity that is given to all the events that take place all over the world.   The sky is the limit and I have seen and done things that I never thought possible.   When I talk about layers I am referring to the many different vendors that are involved in the creation of an event and how they seamlessly come together to make one amazing story.   Events are not just about a celebration anymore.  Events are more branded and tell a story about the couple getting married, the corporation acknowledging their sales teams or a non-profit articulating their message.   What we do now in the event world is so much more than just a linen and table with a chair.   It is an experience and one that most people if done right, will remember forever.   

3. As the owner of many successful companies, what keeps you motivated to continue to expand and do more?

As an owner of three very successful companies, I find myself striving to diversify and grow with the trends and times.  Not one of my companies can stay in one place and remain successful, especially in this creative industry.   You must always set your bar higher each year and rise above it each time.   I continue to keep things innovative, fresh and fun.   All those that work for my companies have fun, because they are free to express creativity, learn the business side of the event world and see the magic come to life.   I am a huge believer in creating more because as the event world has become savvy, so have our clients.  They have a fierce appetite for the new and unexpected. 

4. What is it about designer8* Event Furniture Rental that stands out from the other furniture rental companies?

designer8* Event Furniture Rental is not the typical furniture rental company.  We are not just a fulfillment house that sends out furniture- we work with clients to help design, style and create their visions.   Depending on the client’s needs, we create stylized decks, storyboards, AutoCad renderings and so much more.   Furniture can be daunting for some that are used to conference set ups that is tables and chairs, but they find a need to venture over to lounge.  We make that easy.  There is nothing that we can’t do. All of my teams are fully educated in the field of events and design.   The sky is the limit and at designer8* Event Furniture Rental, we want to reach the peak of making all of our clients happy.   Our lounge offerings are first rate and really set the tone for events.   There is nothing like our company out there. 

5. What was the decision behind the opening in NY?

 The East Coast requests kept coming in and after working on so many events myself on the east coast, I saw a lack of inventory.  With our variety of styles, design, quality of service and product, we had no choice not to come to the East.   They are hungry for us to be there and provide what we do on the West Coast.   It is time and we have chosen the right product, created new designs and intend on doing exactly what we do on the West Coast back East.   We do not claim we are perfect, but we live by the motto of doing our best keeping our eye on the ball and making sure our events are seamless and beautiful. 

6. What new trendsetting designs will we see in your NY collections?

We have a ton of new product coming and I can’t wait for the East Coast to see the amazing array of furniture offerings we have.  We have worked on bringing modern, traditional, mid- century, rustic and so much more to the marketplace.   From our bars to lounge, the East Coast will see the type of designs are stunning and are the best when incorporating a specific design and lounge into an event.   Our Diamond Mirrored Bar is a showpiece to our beautiful Estelle Channeled Sofa Collection.  Each lounge collection, Bar or partition was hand- picked by myself and my creative team.   We are so excited for everyone to see what is to come!   I think when they see all the choices and the quality of styles it will be beyond their expectations and truly trendsetting. 

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 7. Where do you see the designer8* Event Furniture Rental brand in 5 years?

designer8* in five years will be 15 years old. My goal as an owner, designer, and a person that loves the event world is for each designer8* store that we open, be the best that we can be.   I have plans to go at a pace that makes sense for the company and for the community.   I will not be overextending myself and the company by opening in every place possible.  I will however give my entire heart and soul to each of my locations and make sure they run to the perfection that our clients deserve.   In five years, I hope to be doing what I do today and that is designing and creating the type of event furniture that our clients need.   I want to be the best and provide the best.   It is pretty simple.