The rise of social media has changed how we do everything – vacation, party, even work. If you did not Instagram it, did it event happen? Causing FOMO amongst your followers is a must and something to consider when designing your next event. Attendees are more likely to spread the word (and the photo) if they love the environment around them. Even when attending a professional conference, they want an experience, not just a gray and boring event that feels like a chore. Nowadays consumers are spoiled by beautiful visuals everywhere and they want to be a part of it. Therefore, fun and eye-catching design is a must, even better is to have a dedicated photo moment – preferably with your logo strategically placed in the background. Here are some DESIGNER8* inspirations. We are always happy to help turn your event into an EXPERIENCE.


This bright and modern living room vibe design is begging to be photographed.

Lounge rentals for the events

An accent chair or sofa with fun pillows also makes for a perfect photo set up.

Sofa with pillows

And never underestimate the importance of your panel discussion/stage furniture. It will always end up being captured by attendees!

Stage furniture for events

This “guys night in” design is as social photo media-friendly as it gets!

Leather sofas for events

Even a medical conference can look stylish and cool.

Lounge furniture for medical conference

And don’t forget – we can always create custom scenic or branded pieces such as these fun cloud swings!

Custom scenic pieces for events