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    Event Furniture Rental in Los Angeles

    Planning a major public event, whether it’s a private wedding, a benefit gala or a corporate meeting is a major event of its own. And even those who have done it before can benefit from professional expertise and the advice and service provided by a company like designer8*.

    Event furnishings and decorative accessories are a major part of the planning, and that’s where our experienced team excels. We know how difficult it is to coordinate seating and eating requirements, to balance comfort and function, to select and specify an appropriate and exciting theme designed to create a lasting impression.

    Planning Space and Use Needs with Rental Furniture

    No one will dispute the claim that Los Angeles is a special market, and that red carpet events in this area are as lavish and as frequent as anywhere in the world. The bar is set high here and, if you want to complete for public favor, you won’t leave any aspect of event planning to chance.

    Because designer8* was conceived in this area and has years of experience to rely upon, we are at the forefront of event planning and coordination in this demanding specialized market. Our rental furniture inventory is extensive, encompassing the best of both design and quality. Our design consultants are known for their innovative approach, and our service is without equal.

    Our professional design team is adept at selecting furnishings, coordinating accessories, lighting and party settings that create a mood and assure memorable events. We’re in the business of making dreams real, of breathing life into large-scale events and of making the planning seem effortless. We’re good at it! When designer8* is involved in event planning, you’re in good hands.

    Diversity is a Hallmark of Our Rental Furniture

    Because designer8* is the premier custom rental furniture company in southern California, we have the ability to tailor your event to any decor choice you prefer. Our extensive inventory includes sleek modern pieces, trendy seating options, a wide range of seminar and lounge furniture, and bar, dining and coordinated collections that rival a movie set for glamor and sophistication. We can also tailor your event for down-home comfort or rustic chic.

    Let us help you capture the mood you envision, whether your event is planned for the heart of the city or out in the wide open spaces with nature as the setting. Our design professionals curate the designer8* collections and we choose individual pieces with great care for quality and design. But, in the event that you don’t find pieces that inspire you, our consultants will be happy to work with you to bring your vision to life.

    Let designer8* Help with Event Needs

    We’ve been in the business long enough to realize that excellence is an ongoing commitment, and that we must continue to perform to the highest standards to earn the trust of our clients. Explore options for rental furniture by downloading our designer8* catalog to browse at your leisure.

    We take it as a personal challenge to assure that every event is unique and memorable for guests as well as clients, and we think it’s a supreme compliment when people talk about us!

    We’ll be waiting to hear from you.