Eclectic Looks!

Whether in furniture style, fashion or life style, we think a diversity in looks is key. And DESIGNER8* has an extensive selection of styles to ensure you have a wide variety of looks to pull from. With the DESIGNER8* inventory, every event can be “themed” by mixing and matching styles, colors and fabric choices. We carry styles ranging from traditional, 20’s Deco, Mid-Century Modern, 70’s smoking lounge, Ultra minimal and modern to vibrantly colored styles for a more bright, playful event.

And regardless of style, all of our DESIGNER8* collections are designed from the same color palette and cut from the same dye lot so all of our fabric pieces match with one another. You can choose the Landon sofa in white leather and mix with the sleek white leather Barcelona chair and they will match perfectly. Further proving that eclectic styles can still mix seamlessly in a space. We have always been firm believers that by selecting styles or color schemes a bit outside your comfort zone, you may end up making an even bigger impact visually. Experts take risks, experts have the confidence to think outside the box and bring a little madness to their vision, experts make magic.

Take for instance the two examples below. On the left we have mixed velvet, leather and rattan. We have used the Kelly Green tufted sofa in velvet and the Nicholas tufted ottoman in white leather, although completely different in style, fabric and color, but both unified by the tufting detail. Then we have centered these looks with the Bahama side tables and coffee table in rattan. The repetition of these tables in this texture visually pull this whole look together. The example on the right was for an Emmy party. We used the Estelle sofa as a neutral anchor flanked by the Avery chairs in emerald velvet and centered by the Harlow coffee table in gold. We continued this same repetition with the rest of the decor, neutral fabrics hung as a back-drop, neutral floor covering below and accents of gold and emerald spread around the space.