Designer Furniture Rentals – Five Ways to Wow Your Guests

We love empty spaces because they hold so much potential.  They are literally a blank canvas to fill with the furniture that matches your personal style.  If you have a venue that needs to be staged for an event, we have the designer furniture you need.  It could be a house that you’re flipping, or an event space to launch the next big thing.  Regardless of why you’re decorating the space, there are a couple of tricks you can use to wow your guests.


Add lounge seating

The type of seating you use sets the tone of your event.  Straight-backed chairs invoke a formal feel.  We use lounge seating when we want our events to have a casual, relaxed vibe to them.  Lounge seating encourages social interaction between people in a more comfortable way.  When our guests are at ease, they have a better time.


Vary the type and style of seating

Lounge seating is great for social interaction, but it should not be the only seating available at your event.  We can create a chic and comfortable event using a mix of sofas, loveseats, ottomans, tables, and high seating.

Use décor elements

Sometimes we look at the room filled with furniture and think that it needs a little something extra.  The right décor element will enhance the room’s ambiance, and add personality and character.  We can draw attention to the crown molding, or add mirrors to reflect light and make the room look bigger.  Ceiling-to-floor curtains add simple elegance with minimal effort or can be used to soften the light of the room.

Don’t underestimate the power of accents

Accents are the design elements that add life to your venue.  Some of the accents we select stimulate more than just our visual sense.  We use tactile accents like pillows and rugs to invoke a sense of coziness and warmth in the space.  Chandeliers provide a different, customizable light source in warm light colors. Plants and trees bring freshness and a sense of life to the venue.  Flowers go one step further and can add a pleasant perfume during the course of the event.

Stylish bars and back bars go a long way

Bar rentals in NY

We’re still in love with a bar or back bar with panache.  At a party, people naturally congregate where the refreshments are.  Your guests are going to spend a lot of time at the bar.  More likely, they’re probably going to spend some time observing it amid their conversations.   Give them something impressive to talk about.


We should recognize the impact that our furniture and décor choices have on our guests. It doesn’t take much to create the venue that will impress and wow your guests.  We at designer8* can provide a wide selection of products that will take your venue from ordinary to amazing.  If decorating overwhelms you, give us a call and let us help you transform your event space.

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