Wedding Seating: Think Outside the Box

While planning the seating arrangement for your wedding reception has become somewhat of a rite of passage into the married world (“Our families and friends like each other, right?”) and

that when you go the lounge seating route, you don’t need a place for everyone to sit because at any given moment, there will be a number of people happily standing and chatting or dancing.

So now that we’ve covered seating for your guests, let’s talk about seating for you. Sweetheart tables for the bride and groom aren’t necessarily revolutionary, but if you are stepping away from banquet tables for the rest of your reception, there’s no reason to put yourself at one.

Use tufted booths instead. They’re intimate, cozy, and comfortable, all of which will be very welcoming after you’ve been on your feet all day. And don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional white, either. Charcoal grey is an incredibly sophisticated alternative that pairs well with most other accent colors.

Above all, your big day should be one of the happiest of your life—a true celebration of your love with all of the most important people in your life in attendance. You’ll want everyone to be as happy as can be, and that all starts with a good seating arrangement.

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