Over the last couple of years, we have seen the trend in corporate conferences change from boring theater style seating with a dull stage and podium to comfortable lounge furniture ranging from sofas and chairs to bean bags. The stage designs have even had a facelift as well. Adding interactive backdrops, 3D elements, and a visually captivating look that keeps the attention of the audience more engaged with the overall program.

DESIGNER8* has plenty of different collections that work for all types of conferences ranging from Modern to Mid-Century Modern to traditional, the list goes on. Not only do we have the different styles, but our depth of inventory can also fulfill the orders to comfortably seat hundreds or thousands of guests at any given time.

Along with lounge seating, mixing in other elements such as coffee tables, side tables, rugs and even pillow accents will leave your guests forgetting that they are sitting in an all-day conference.

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