Using Lighting to Make a Statement

You can furnish your event with the most beautiful sofas, tables, and chairs that you can find, spend days designing and redesigning the layout, and meticulously coordinate the colors, the theme, the accents, and the menu. You can plan everything to be exactly how you want it to be, and your event will surely be fantastic.

But despite all the planning that goes into everything, there’s one aspect of event design that is often undervalued and underestimated: the lighting. Lights are, of course, already installed in all venues, so it’s easy to accept the default option, maybe add a colorful floodlight or two, and focus instead on all of the other variables. But there’s nothing quite like a well-placed spotlight or a striking chandelier to instantly create a dramatic impression and set the mood.

Take, for example, the two photos above. Despite being of the same event, they give off very different vibes. The space on the left looks perfectly inviting, but with the lighting emphasized in the photo on the right, the entire mood appears to change. The space feels much more intimate and chic, and the overall effect is one of splendor. More attention is drawn to the plush suede seating, the twinkling lights in the backdrop invoke a sense of wonder, and the visual impact of the chandelier balances the space and ties all of the separate pieces together.

Isn’t it amazing what a little lighting can do?

Here are a few more examples of how to use chandeliers and lighting to make a statement and transform your event space:


A tent would unnecessarily block the sky and stars on a clear night, but using string lights to form the framework of a tent creates a wondrous ambience. (photo source: -- via Pinterest)
A tent would unnecessarily block the sky and stars on a clear night, but using string lights to form the

their placement, and see how different a space can feel once lighting accents and effects have been incorporated as conspicuous design elements.

Celeste Chandelier The Celeste Chandelier by designer8*

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