There are many reasons when you may find the need to rent office furniture. If you have contracted the installation of new furnishings and are faced with a delivery delay, rental furniture can be delivered and set up quickly in your new space to avoid any disruption in your business operations. On the other hand, many companies have decided to adopt a sustainable green strategy. Rather than having to continually purchase and dispose of outdated furniture, renting provides flexible furniture solutions as the needs of your business evolve. And lastly, rental furniture can help spruce up your existing space when hosting clients or conferences. DESIGNER8* has many types of furniture perfect for office or corporate settings.

For conference rooms, we have our oversized Prince Dining Table which will make a terrific meeting place for large teams. The table comes in both black and white and is 8’ long – holding up to 12 people.


Often, our clients will use our bars as a custom-branded reception desk. It is finished with a white lacquer and comes in 4 and 6’ satellite sections and we can add logos or branded decals to the front as well. The Bianco bar below is just one of many great options we offer.


For waiting areas, we have endless options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a mid-century modern look or something more traditional, we have you covered.


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