Red Carpets

Our team is incredibly experienced when it comes to creating unforgettable red carpets. Whether for movie premieres, after parties, brand activations or corporate events we create custom, one of a kind moments for each and every client. We specialize in custom scenic Step and Repeat backdrops, press and media lighting and variety of carpet colors. We think through all of the makings of a beautifully crafted red carpet and the photo moments it will create. Every event deserves a grand entrance and we treat each entrance as a unique focal point for that event. We always take into consideration specific brand guidelines, perfect logo placement and dimensions, budget and audience throughout our production process. Our talented team takes our clients objectives and fill in all the scenic elements to take an idea to a fully conceptualized custom design. We are experts in the art of design, production, logistics, and budgeting and are able to combine our in-house scenic capabilities with our unmatched décor inventory to bring your ideas to life.

designer8* Is Highly-Experienced In Organising Red Carpet Events

With over 20 years in the event industry and countless red carpets, we understand the trends and know how to create unforgettable moments for our clients. Our team can custom build any size step & repeat wall, design and print any style logo wrap, and customize any color or size carpet. We handle the full build-out and design of press risers, structures, press lighting and draping. We also understand architectural schematics and are perfectionists when it comes to creating layouts and CAD’s of our red carpets. We have full knowledge of city permitting and are well versed in all building rules and regulations coast to coast.

With our vast experience in red carpets, we are very meticulous when it comes to both design and production and focus on each and every detail including:

  • CARPET.  All colors, sizes and customized logos
  • STEP & REPEAT. Materials include wood walls and materials, custom styles, sizes, support systems and truss structures, 3D logo design and graphics, fabric and vinyl wrap prints
  • CROWD CONTROL. Rope, stanchion and barricades

Top Quality Service

We pride ourselves in our precise execution, unique approach to design and exceeding our client’s expectations. We work hand and hand with our clients to ensure their red carpet is customized to perfection.

From large scale premieres to small activations, we can create a one of a kind red carpet moment that will a lasting impression for years to come!