Red Carpet Rental for This Year’s Gala Events

The red carpet is the standard, but what if pink is your favorite color?  We think that you should be able to get a pink carpet if you want.  That’s why our “red carpet” rentals come in any color, size or shape that you want.  It’s your event, and we can make it the red carpet event of your dreams.

red carpet event

It goes beyond just changing the color of the carpet.  We have the products to customize your arrival area to match the look, feel and theme of your event.  Should your theme be Hollywood glamour, we can provide the podiums and partitions for your guests to feel like celebrities.  You may envision your event as avant-garde, with non-traditional elements.  We have elegant furniture options and carpet colors to create your vision.  Looking for clean, modern lines in your décor to serve as a backdrop to art?  We have the entryway and the furniture to let the art be the star of the show.

If you can dream it, designer8* will find a way to bring it to life.  We use customized Step & Repeat elements to enrich the venue.  What is a Step & Repeat element?  It’s a backdrop used for publicity which has a printed pattern of repeated brand logos and emblems.  You’ve seen them in the background of celebrity photographs at galas, parties and award shows. We can also use 3D lettering, large “bus shelters”, and other forms of brand promotion for your sponsors.  If you’re looking for natural customizations options, we can integrate include trees, topiaries, flowers, and floral walls into your décor.

A key part of setting the mood is lighting. The color, pattern, intensity, and direction of light will add to, or subtract from the mood you’re developing.  Think about it: the bright blue-white lighting of a hospital would diminish the dinner ambiance of a restaurant.  Furthermore, lighting from the wrong angle creates unnecessary dark spots and shadows that can cause serious injury.  That’s why it’s so important to have the correct lighting in the event.  It can set or ruin the mood, and it protects you from liability.  designer8* can provide the uplights, color washes, custom gobos, and decorative fixtures that your venue needs.

Red carpet, pink carpet, black carpet; whatever color you choose, know that your entrance sets the expectations of your guests.  The correct use of oversized objects, décor, lighting and messaging in your gala event will enhance your guests’ experience.  designer8* can provide solutions to match your party’s theme.  Go ahead, check out our selection.

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