Diamond Coffee Table – Silver

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions: 39″W x 39″D x 15.5″H

    Also Available: Matching Side Table

    Our line of silver Diamond tables are one of our most sought after in our collection. These stunning silver geometric cutout metal tables are amazing in person and perfect for just about any event! The Diamond table line includes both a silver coffee table size and is also available in a silver side table size. The coffee table dimensions are 39″ wide be 39″ deep by 15.5″ high and the matching side table dimensions are 25.5″ wide by 25.5″ deep by 21.5″ high.

    These gorgeous silver tables add an element of design to every event they are used. They work well as a special accent table for daytime events and also very nicely as part of a sleek evening lounge.

    You can even go a step further and display a floral arrangement, candle, plants or branded item inside the base as the tables are hollow with a clear glass top and smoke glass bottom. The silver diamond table line work well in any lounge setting or they can act like a piece of art or could act as a sculpture just on their own. The contrast of the geometric silver metal also looks stunning next to a pool or water feature in an outdoor setting.

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