Luxury Carpet Rentals for Your New York Event

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Luxury Carpet Rentals for Your New York Event

A successful event starts with what’s up your feet! Grounding the decor with your choice of a comfortable, stylish, and sound-absorbing carpet will not only demonstrate your design savvy, but will also speak of your attention to detail and a commitment to comfort.

At designer8*, we have a collection of carpets in a variety of sizes, all selected for their ability to adapt well to different surroundings. We stand ready to serve New York clients, whatever your needs may be, to create awe-inspiring special events in the city or the surrounding countryside.

Unlike with other furniture rental services, with designer8*, you get:

  • An extensive inventory of stylish furniture ranging from traditional to mid-century and everything in between
  • Design experts to guide you through everything from furniture selection and accessories to room layout and installation
  • Custom created carpets and furniture that are available anywhere in the greater NYC area and beyond

Contact us now to learn more about how we can make your event stand out