Grey Is the New Neutral for Summer 2015!


It is almost summer time and what better way to bring in this wonderfully warm season than to introduce the latest in furniture décor trends. designer8* is happy to announce that this summer the new neutral is grey! It is a rich neutral that can set a strong base color for any party or event. At designer8* Event Furniture Rental we pride ourselves on being a top trendsetter in our industry, bringing each of our clients the latest in furniture fashion. Our wide collection of furniture and décor items from tables, seating, draping, bars and more is sure to bring your event or party to life!

Paloma Collection


Royce Bar

Rock This Season’s Hottest Neutral

Designing your party or event with a grey neutral offers a multitude of ways to add personality to your affair. The word neutral can sometimes have a negative connotation to it, many people when they hear the word neutral think of boring flesh tones that all tend to blend together such as khaki and beige. However, decorating with a neutral grey base is anything but boring. New York City designer Jenny Wolf considers grey to be the new white referring to the color as “neutral” and “timeless”. Using grey lounge furniture such as our Grey Linen Weave Lloyd Sofa at any event will command attention in a classic way and can be played up or down with any accent color or patterns you may decide.

Lloyd Sofa


Power Accent Colors

Here is the great news! Grey is a great base to add any accent color or pattern. It can be a color pop of yellow or a striped pillow. Another understated way to accentuate grey furniture is through the lighting scheme of your soiree. designer8* has an extensive catalog of accents to brighten up your grey neutrals from lanterns and mirrors to pillows and rugs; we are always ready to accommodate your vision. If you are throwing a corporate event, it may benefit you to accent the grey neutral with your company colors. You can do so with flower arrangements, rugs, pillows, draping and more.

Francis Chair


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At designer8* Event Furniture Rental we have comprehensive experience in planning parties and events. Though our headquarters is located in Los Angeles, we proudly serve the areas of San Francisco, Napa, Sonoma, San Jose, Sacramento, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orange County, Palm Desert, Santa Barbara, Sonoma, and Modesto with our expertise. Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your vision for your event as one of our design experts is always available to work with you from the concept to the lay out and execution. Although our catalog has a wide variety of options for your party, if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us so that we can work on a solution. Let’s get planning today!

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