After studying the event landscape, it can easily appear overwhelming. There are so many details to coordinate and even the smallest slip-up can seriously impact your event, therefore it is important to develop an organized to-do list while planning and manage step by step as you go along. Here are a few helpful hints to consider when planning a successful and stress-free event:

-What is the purpose of your event? You want to make certain that there is a clear goal and vision for each event.

-Who will be attending? Defining your target audience will help you when making decisions throughout the planning process and filter what is and isn’t right for your event.

-How are you getting the word out? Is it invite only? Is it open to the public? If so, you may want to consider using a digital invitation system and social media to help promote.

-Who is running your event? You’ll want to ensure you have the proper staff – proactive, professional and personable.

-What is your budget? You will want to develop a budget early on and make sure you are managing throughout the process, but also leave a small amount set aside for contingencies.

Of course, the team at DESIGNER8* is always here to help plan details throughout the process as well.

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