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    The Alexis Collection

    The Alexis collection is one of the newest members of the designer8* furniture family. The Alexis collection brings together vintage elegance and modern simplicity and comes in two exquisite colors – a beautiful dusty rose and an elegant wheat. The sofa, chair and loveseat feature a modern silhouette with channel stitch, high armrest and are low to the ground, making the look and feel very glamorous and luxe. The collection is made of a plush velvet sourced for its durability and rich and romantic feel. Depending on the venue and accents these pieces can feel very modern or retro. Ranging in style from 20’s Deco, 70’s Disco or 2000’s Modern, this collection is super versatile and classic. The Alexis collection would work well in a lounge, wedding, or for any other high-end event. The pieces are very versatile and mix and match with our other collection styles and colors nicely. These pieces measure 32” in height. Since these pieces have the square box shape and flat sides and back, this collection can be arranged all together in a row to form “theater style seating” or separate for more intimate seating and of course coordinate well with all of our stylish table collections and accents.