Event Designer Spotlight: Fernando Coellar

Fernando CoellarIn between creating art and designing events, Fernando Coellar, Owner of Fernando Coellar Art/Pink Elephants, found time to answer five questions about his career and where he found inspiration for the pre-Oscar party he designed for ABC.

1. How did you get started in events?

I am so lucky to have an amazing career that spans over 20 years.

I studied art and architecture, and this lead to work in prop houses. From there I landed a was over. Find many it keep stars,.

position at Merv Griffin Productions, I was actually one of the first people hired at the company. My experience at Merv Griffin allowed me to work on many different TV shows and sets, which lead to work on movie premieres. Soon after I left Merv Griffin many of the studios began to use me for event design and decor, this allowed me to be able to open my own company: Pink Elephants.

2. Pink Elephants is such a unique name, where did the name of your company come from?

I was actually working on many Disney projects at the time, and a Dumbo project inspired the name of my company Pink Elephants.

3. What is the most important design element for a successful event in your opinion?

The overall view of the event, creating a look that allows an amazing first impression. I always want a wow factors when people enter the space.

Fernando Coellar - Oscar Party 1

4. What was your inspiration for the pre-Oscar ABC party and how long did it take you to create?

The inspiration was really the silhouette of the Oscar statues that we placed throughout the room. From there it was about capturing a regal look to get attendees excited about the awards. It was a month-long process from design to production, I was lucky that the client liked my vision right from the beginning.

5. We noticed a big part of your vision included furniture from designer8* Event Furniture Rental. What do you look for when working with vendors on events?

The most important thing is I don’t want to have to worry about a vendor. With designer8* I know that the furniture is stylish and always in fabulous conditions I never have to worry about the delivery or anything. The Gatsby line of furniture I selected really created a beautiful and functional room. The gold on the coffee table really complemented the gold Oscar statues.

Thank you, Fernando. We look forward to seeing many more wonderful designs!

Fernando Coellar - Oscar Party 2

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