Weekly Trend Watch with Sergio Finetto: Word Up!

Sergios Trend Watch -- Word Up

In the age of technology, it is easy to be caught up in between 3D projections and digital mappings, but what is the real message?

Sometimes it is better to say it out loud. This season’s designers dug out their dictionaries to send a

clear message by adding a very simple element to their collection: Words. Shocker, right?

Bursting with street flavors, it is no surprise to see  hitting the mainstream.

The trend also translates to home décor. The use of marquee letters is a hot addition to a room or event, giving personalized touches and creating something really special and unique for a venue. The light and shadow cast by the lamp bulbs are reminiscent of a scene from a 1920s movie—fantastic for that vintage touch.

Sergios Trend Example -- Word Up

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