Creative Events: Mixing Traditional With Modern Styles


Over the years designer8* has seen a myriad of designs, styles and rules come and go, especially in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas. What does this tell us? There are no rules! In creating your event space it’s more about unleashing your personality and uniting everything you love rather than adhering to a popular trend. To ensure that your mix of modern and traditional doesn’t result in chaotic clutter, plan your event in advance and consider the following.

How to break the rules!


Figure out which style you would prefer to be the main entrée and which style you want to be the side dish. You may choose it to be a modern space with traditional accents, or an antique space with contemporary accents. If you don’t let one style dominate the other, your styles will be conflicting; everything in the room is battling for equal attention. To keep things simple, refer to the 80/20 rule: as long as 80 percent of your space is cohesive by the same era, philosophy or style, you can deviate with the other 20 percent.

Why do you love it?


If you collect images of furniture that appeals to you, a pattern will form and you’ll have a greater understanding of what you’ll be working with for your next event.

Harmony or Contrast?


After figuring out what you like and why you like it, it’s time to determine the look that you are going for: harmony or contrast? If you are aiming for a more restful look and want everything to be in sync, choose pieces of furniture that are more alike, or just a few degrees apart. If you’re looking to create contrast, your goal should be to highlight one or two major contrasts in a room, keeping the rest of the décor neutral or meshed together with a cyclical theme.

Stir it up



Now that you have a clue as to what elements are major to your event, go ahead and mix it up.

  • Let one style dominate, and use the other ones for accents.
  • Tie different styles together with the same texture, color, or shape.
  • Get varying nuances by creating harmony or contrast when you mix different styles

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