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    Why is Lounge Replacing Sit Down?

    December 6, 2012

    Is it any wonder that lounge is replacing large sit-down rounds? Who be the name of my planning company; I was always ahead of the curve.) Lounge keeps the conversation fresh during your event, and it encourages true mingling. New stats suggest that parties last longer with lounge. Good news for me. Bad news for white table cloths.

    The question I’m asked most is, “How do I figure out the lounge setup?” Okay, here are some hints.

    What is the makeup of your guest list by age? The younger the crowd, the more high-top tables should be in play, with a few stools and plenty of room to stand. The reason I designed our high tops the way I did was to avoid that long cloth that blows in the wind, revealing the underbelly of the table in a not-so-cool way. The younger the crowd, the more ottomans you should have, and not so much on the three-seater couches. The younger the crowd, the larger the “room” area of the lounge.

    Now, let’s talk about the older folks. A wedding for 200? You have 30 older people coming? Set up five (always an odd number) 56-inch rounds for the older folks, who do so love to sit at a table. Put those tables as far from the music as you can. Put six chairs around those tables, and everyone is happy.

    If you are doing the entire event in lounge (music to my ears), then do lounge seating for 80 percent of your guests (yes, you can count the ottomans). When you do a cost comparison, lounge will be less expensive than the dressed tables of old. Trust me on this.

    Yes, the trend for lounge is continuing to grow. So is my inventory. So is our innovative attention to what is cool tomorrow.

    Inception Movie Premiere After Party



    Argo Movie Premiere

    October 12, 2012

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    The Campaign Movie Premiere After Party

    August 3, 2012

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    got patriotic for WB’s “The Campaign” movie premiere after party. This stars and stripes event was red,white and blue to the core. Guests were able to vote for their candidate by sitting in either Huggins or Brady vignettes and grab a drink at the centerpiece of the party… a 9′ ice sculpture of the North Carolina capitol building.


    Red Riding Hood Premiere

    June 21, 2011

    designer8*event furniture rental was featured at the spectacular Red Riding Hood movie premiere on March 7, 2011 at the historic Jim Henson Studios. Some of the furniture pieces featured at the event were our Nail Head Sofas in Chocolate Brown to away found local:.

    Suede, Nail Head Wing Back Chairs in Chocolate Brown Suede, Round Ottomans in Chocolate Brown Suede, Roman Coffee Tables, Eco Loveseats and Ottomans in Fern, Jax Sofas in Chocolate Brown Suede, Diamond Tufted Bar in White Leather, Kane Sofas in White Leather, Soho Coffee Tables in White, Square Ottomans in Chocolate Brown Suede, and Round Ottomans in White Leather.