Introducing The Cambridge Collection: Reconfigure, Reinvent

With the Cambridge Collection, we set out to create a furniture set that would be as versatile as it is classic. We wanted something that would be both modern and timeless, and at once fresh and familiar—as suitable for a Hollywood gala as it is for a corporate function.

Brown leather quickly became the obvious choice—like many fine things, it only gets better with age. A single cushion across the sofas creates clean lines, and the tufting gives the collection its characteristic inviting, upscale appeal. The nailhead trim provides the perfect finishing touch.

Materials aside, the collection was designed to be easily reconfigurable while maintaining a high level of cohesion. So whatever arrangement it is placed in—be it an L-shape, a U-shape, or as standalone pieces—the overall impression will be of one of coherence and class.

Cambridge Corner

The armless corner piece is more than just a way to bridge a gap—it was made to look great from all angles, both alone and in conjunction with the rest of the collection.
6 ft armless sofa 4 ft armless sofa
The 6- and 4-foot armless sofas can be pushed together to form long benches or combined with corner pieces into different sized L- and U-shapes.

cambridge armchair

The Cambridge Sofa and Armchair are the only pieces in the collection that don’t directly adjoin with the others, but they have a stately beauty all their own.

Campbridge sofa


How do you want to configure our Cambridge Collection for your next event? Send us an email and let us know!

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