With Fashion Week fast approaching in New York City, we are taking a look at how fashion trends can impact event trends. Fashion is a leading force on how trends come into play whether it’s in the design world, beauty world or even making political statements. Fashion will always have a significant impact on the culture and by default, the event industry.

Every season there seems to be a hot new color that is back in style for the season. And believe it or not, but beige is this season’s hottest color! With furniture rentals, you can easily pick and choose from many neutral colors to incorporate into your event. From sofas, to ottomans, to accessorizing with pillows, the options are endless with DESIGNER8*. Whether your theme is rustic, modern, vintage, or contemporary, you can translate color into any of those categories.

Take a look at the below image from the Fendi fashion show in Milan, the runway is bursting with beige in many different tones. If we wanted to translate this look into an event using DESIGNER8* pieces, we could easily do so with the array of options, we provide. Take for example the new Alexis Sofa in Wheat Velvet as our base pairing it with our classic Jagger coffee table and accessorizing it with different color pillows and our Sandstone Velvet Ottomans.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to working with DESIGNER8* to ensure that your event will be one that guests will remember for a long time to come.

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