It is no surprise to see that guests often dive right in for the open bar and hors dā€™ oeuvres at events! That said, it is crucial that you make sure your bar set up is attractive, plentiful and delicious for each and every occasion ranging from a casual dinner party to a large-scale corporate conference. Another factor to consider is the style, look and tone of the event and this is where DESIGNER8* comes into play. We carry an incredible inventory of bars and back bar displays that are perfect for every occasion. A favorite when it comes to displaying appetizers, bottles, florals is our Bellini Bar and it pairs nicely with all of our bars ā€“ especially the Royce, Diamond Mirror, Aiden and Lloyd.

Bellini Bar

Below we have a picture of our Edison back bar in silver set up as a gorgeous backdrop with florals at this reception at Terranea Resort. Another helpful hint ā€“ remember to place two to three back bars throughout your venue to make sure there is an open flow for guests to mingle and enjoy the summer festivities that DESIGNER8* are experts in designing!

Edison back bar in silver

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