5 Outdoor Event Planning Tips

Summer may be coming to a close, but in Southern California, the outdoor entertaining season never really ends. It’s easy to find a reason to celebrate when it’s sunny and 75° outside, so don’t put those canopy tents and communal tables away just yet. Here are 5 tips and tricks for planning an outdoor party that will make the transition from summer into fall and winter that much smoother.

1. Since the sun is still shining, your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the protective shade that a canopy tent provides. Go for canopies in bright colors to evoke the spirit of summer or opt for a more earth-toned and muted color scheme to welcome the fall.

Colorful Canopy White Canopy Tent
2. The free-flowing atmosphere that lounge seating creates lends itself perfectly to the relaxed setting of an outdoor event. We talk about lounge seating a lot here, but for good reason—sofas, ottomans, and chaises are perfect for promoting a social environment.


Designer8-Napa-Sectional-cream-e1366663348564 Sonora ottoman
3. Make sure you are clear to your guests what kind of event they are attending on the invitation. Specify the type of event (Family Reunion Barbeque or Cocktail Party), attire (Dressy Casual or Beachwear), event time and location, and any relevant logistical information (parking, weather, etc). That way, no one will be surprised that you’re hosting your late-September party outdoors, and everyone can arrive dressed appropriately.

chic outdoor event
4. Tablecloths are often more trouble than they’re worth. Running the risk of spilling food and colored beverages on them can be costly, and sometimes the unpredictable wind that picks up in the afternoon in the fall can make the flapping ends an annoyance to guests. Consider the Eco Communal Table as an alternative—the sleek natural finish looks so chic that no tablecloth is required.

Eco Communal Table
5. Another great thing about Southern California is the brisk fall nights, and the perfect lighting can create a dreamy, fairylike ambience to usher in a new, more intimate phase of the party. Candles are great for giving off soft light, and hanging lights are always a favorite for that special atmospheric touch—the rustic feel of the Tall Reed Lantern is a perfect match for the time of year.

Outdoor Party

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