3 Tips for Using Pinterest to Plan an Event

With the launch of Pinterest in 2010, the event planning industry saw a noticeable shift in the way that clients envisioned their events. Simple color palettes and vague descriptions were replaced by elaborate themes and intricate details that, more often than not, work beautifully as isolated elements but fail to come together to give the event a cohesive feel.

What you end up with, then, is a collection of fragmented vignettes and individual moments rather than one seamless affair. And while everything may look beautiful in pictures, a wedding that has bridesmaids in cowboy boots along with classic white lounge seating and a rustic table setting has the potential to leave the entire event feeling very disjointed.

That’s not to say that Pinterest cannot be used to design gorgeous events–quite the contrary, vision boards have long been used within the event planning industry. You just have to be able to


When you pin a picture directly from a vendor’s site, you’ve bookmarked the product page and added the image to your inspiration board all in one step, and you’ve also made it easier for your followers to see where each piece originated. We’ve added convenient “Pin It” buttons to everything on our website to make it easy to add items from our furniture collections directly to your Pinterest inspiration boards.

Or in case Pinterest isn’t your thing…

Check out designer8*’s very own Inspiration Board. Once you’ve created an account, you can browse the site and add any piece that you like to your Inspiration Board with a simple click. Here’s a guide for how to add a product to your board and an example of what the board for the Gangster Squad premiere party might have looked like.

Gangster Squad Inspiration Board
Gangster Squad
So have fun using our Inspiration Board to create your own one-of-a-kind event, and remember to follow designer8* on Pinterest to keep up with all of our recent events and see all of the photos that inspire us!

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