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    We are constantly influenced by our times. Our universe has an energy, a movement, a rotation that causes everything within that energy to be affected. Currently we are experiencing a huge influence both ecologically and politically that has affected so much in our daily lives  Sustainability is not a trend but a new way of life, from the food we eat, the clothing we wear, the cars we drive and the homes we build, the consumer has become the most telling part of our future. This also influences our future furniture and design trends. Sustainable products are not a new concept, but with the advancements of technology and the awareness built around the need of green products, we have come to a far more comprehensive level for the need of organic natural materials and fibers. Also handmade, one of a kind, artisan pieces are at a higher demand than their mass-produced counterparts. The most popular renewable materials being used today in furniture and in building design are linen, wool, cotton, bamboo, cork, marble, stone, cement and slate and lots of natural woods. These natural fibers are not only good for sustainability and our future but also have a highly impactful aesthetic.  Some of these natural materials have a very expressive texture and rich feel – velvet, hemp, cork, wicker, and stone add a rich look and feel to any environment. We are also seeing a huge revival of retro pieces that are given a new life with the recovering in new natural fiber. This new revival of retro furniture has also brought with it the colors of this era. Pale pinks, pistachio, and deep ochre yellow have made a huge resurgence in furniture design and something our DESIGNER8* team love to concept from!

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