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    Corporate holiday parties don’t have to be stuffy and boring. Over the year’s trends have been changing in the way companies celebrate a successful year. While some companies stick with an office party or night out at a local restaurant, others are looking to outside designers to help design and produce larger events. DESIGNER8* has been a leading vendor when it comes to holiday décor, providing lounge and accessories for events from 2 dozen to 2000. Typically, we see a lot of traditional looks with reds, greens, and metallics, but lately we’ve seen a trend to veer away from holiday themes all together. Everything from Calvin Klein’s “Space and Cowboy” Party to the recent Compass “Miami Vice” themed event in Miami. We have also seen a huge push for black and white.

    Aside from our incredible furniture inventory, we also offer an amazing selection of scenic and décor items to help bring your ideas to life. From Light up Christmas trees to Whoville Home facades to accents, we’ve got you covered!

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