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    Tables for Rent

    Table Rentals in San Jose

    What’s the social centerpiece of any event? Tables! Guests naturally gravitate to tables for many reasons. Usually, a table is surrounded by chairs and we just want to sit for a while. We automatically place things on the table: purses, invitations, or gifts for example. One of the primary functions of a table at an event is to be a place to eat. Whether it is a plated meal, buffet style, or finger food, table seating hugely impacts both the comfort and convenience of your event. Like every other décor element, your table rentals should match the event and “fit” from both a style and size standpoint. Just as important, they should be enough table space to meet your event’s functional needs whether it be a sit-down meal, conference breakout space or formal reception.

    Event Table Rentals in San Jose

    Consider DESIGNER8* for your table and chair rentals. All our furniture is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. This means that you can enjoy the beautiful San Jose climate hosting your event outdoors. We offer elegant, custom made styles of tables and chairs to choose from. For events where guest will be moving around, we also offer smaller tables - like pub, side, and cocktail tables. In an event that is more formal, we have buffet, dining, and communal tables. We encourage hosts to think creatively about their table and chair needs. Some choose to partition the event space, give opportunities for different types of socialization. We can achieve this without using hard barriers. Instead, we encourage the use of different table and chair styles. Moving from dining tables to coffee tables, for example, changes the function of the space.

    Bringing Personalized Service to the Table

    DESIGNER8* is so much more than just a place for table and chair rentals. If that’s all you need, then we’re happy to supply you with them, of course. But if you need a little more help, creativity, or sparkle, we’re good at that too. As our customer, we aim to ensure that your event goes as smoothly as possible. For some of you, this may mean we only provide you with the table and chair rentals that you need. Other customers may request a little (or a lot) more assistance from our talented design team. We are more than happy to step up to meet your requirements. Delivering professional, personalized service to our San Jose customers is a hallmark of DESIGNER8*.

    You Plus DESIGNER8* Equals Great Design

    Contact DESIGNER8* today! Let’s get together and start talking about your ideas for your next event. Whether you know exactly what you need, or want extra input, we’d love to help. Our warm and friendly team will design your event as if it is their own. Add DESIGNER8*’s selection of chic table and chair rentals and your event will be gorgeous. We can’t wait to start working on your event!