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    Tables for Rent

    Table Rentals in San Francisco

    Tables are core pieces of furniture that determine the structure of your event. The functionality of a table cannot be understated. Tables are the furniture people gravitate to as the event takes place. They provide a structure to rest our accouterments: purses, handbags, invitations, and other items. Tables can host elegant floral arrangements or other types of décor. It’s also the site where your guests will consume food and drink. That’s why, when it comes to event table rentals, you should go to the best. You should go to DESIGNER8*.

    Placing Your Options on the Table

    DESIGNER8* has a whole range of stylish furniture to fit your event theme and budget. We provide dining tables for sit-down, plated meals, and accompanying buffet tables if needed. You can select cocktail and bar high top tables if indulging in finger foods. For less formal occasions, you have access to coffee, communal, pub and side tables. Each of our tables come in a range of elegant finishes to complement any event.

    Our furniture can be easily mixed and matched to give a personalized layout. This includes our selection of tables with built-in LED lights. The LED color can be coordinated to match the event. If needed, multiple colors can be used and rotated throughout the night.

    Need chairs to match the tables you selected? We have a number of styles to pick from and like our tables, our chairs are designed to be mixed and matched. No matter which style of lounge chair or table selected, they will blend together seamlessly.

    Why Choose designer8* for Your Event.

    DESIGNER8* offers high quality, sophisticated furniture rental, but that’s not the only reason you should consider us. Don’t get us wrong: access to beautiful, elegant furniture is a great reason to work with us. However, our worth goes so much further.

    Our designers are committed to creating the best event possible. We offer our assistance to the degree that matches your need. DESIGNER8* can help if you need a little assistance or a lot of help. You may be the kind of client who knows exactly what you want. The event may be fully formed in your head. All you need is the perfect lounge furniture to fill the space. We provide you with this and peace of mind to execute your ideals flawlessly. Perhaps you have an idea of what you want, but not sure how it would work. You have part of the puzzle identified, but need some help filling in the rest. Maybe you only know what you want your event to feel like. We will leverage our years of experience to bring your concept to fruition.

    San Francisco Table Rentals? Contact DESIGNER8*!

    We can’t wait to bring your fabulous event to life. Contact DESIGNER8* today for more information about your next event table rental. Whether you just need furniture or a little more, we can provide the support you need.