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    Table Rentals in Greater Philadelphia

    The Best Table Rentals in Greater Philadelphia

    While a table may seem like an event staple, there are actually so many options and ways to ensure that the table is anything but a mundane backdrop to any event. Depending on the type of event, we will work with you to identify a style that truly embraces the venue ambience while making your guests comfortable. We have a selection of stylish, high quality pieces that are second to none in the entire United States.

    A Wide Variety of Tables for Your Event

    We offer a dizzying array of rentals for weddings, galas, conferences, concerts, fundraisers, corporate events, reunions, galas and everything in between. Our tables also come in just about every shape you can imagine – square, oval, serpentine, or round. The sizes and heights also vary, ranging from tall cocktail tables to small tables for your kids. You can also make use of our custom line of tables that features: buffet tables, cocktail tables, coffee tables, dining tables, pub tables, side tables, and many more. Our designers have access to high quality materials and a variety of finishes to make sure our clients never have to settle for less when planning an event. This applies to tables like our LED lit tables that may be set to one color or cycle through a number of them for the duration of the event.

    All you have to do is make the choice, and we’ll make it happen. Our designers are ready to work with you to pick the best size, shape, and style for your table and chair rentals. It doesn’t matter what the theme of your event is.

    Why Pick designer8* for Table Rentals in Greater Philadelphia

    If you’re looking for event table rentals in Greater Philadelphia, then designer8* is the team for you. All our tables are custom built by our team of talented designers and come in a variety of original styles that will make your event unforgettable. We ensure high standards are held throughout the manufacturing process and it shows in the high level of craftsmanship and detail in our pieces.

    But we don’t stop there. Furniture can get damaged as it’s used again and again over time, so we take great pains to prevent it. Each of our products is delivered with protective covers that are especially made for every item to guard against wear and tear. Furthermore, we have rigorous inspections of our inventory to spot and fix any sign of damage to our merchandise. You can rest assured the quality and condition of our event furniture rentals is exemplary; don’t worry about collapsing tables or other catastrophes occurring in your event.

    Contact Us to Make Your Event a Success

    We’ll provide excellent service throughout the process; from table selection to logistics and delivery to and from your event. Don’t hesitate to call designer8* whenever you’re planning a special event. We’re guaranteed to make your dreams come true.