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    Scenic Production and Design in New York

    The designer8* team has spent nearly 20 years mastering the creation and complexities of prop design. Our in-house team consists of talented architects, designers, carpenters, painters, stylists, and furniture manufacturers. We fabricate everything from oversized models, custom neon lighting, decorative pieces to film-quality scenic props. If you can think of it, we can create it.

    Theaters are not the only location that require props. Consider the theme and focus of your occasion. What would add that extra touch? Oversized models of your new product allow your guests to examine all the features. Scenic decor adds texture and can help transform any space into a branded experience. Imagine turning your venue into an exotic locale, complete with towering trees, clouds hanging from the ceiling, or unique blooms on the tables.

    Process for Custom Scenic Props

    Each piece starts with an initial design. We then use a custom designed model, a 3D render, or CAD drawing to show the prospective piece or pieces. Your approval is essential, and we will adjust to ensure every aspect is correct. We then coordinate with you and the venue to determine the most effective and efficient materials to bring these elements to life in the space being used. Aesthetics are just as important as the logistical planning. Our skilled team will handle the necessary site inspections. We will make sure your scenic pieces are built as precisely as possible. They will almost appear to be part of the original or existing structure. Having all the design and production facilities connected makes us stand out from other companies. This advantage allows us to work directly with you from start to finish.

    Custom Props Made Easy

    When we work together, you will have a lead person assigned to your job to make your process smooth and easy. Our team diligently works to maintain a timely design and production schedule. We will manage your expectations and budget throughout the course of the job. designer8* has full-service warehouses and production teams on both the West and East Coast to handle scenic needs of all shapes and sizes regardless of your location. We are dedicated to delivering the highest caliber production pieces while keeping our costs competitive with the rest of the industry.

    You are choosing a one-stop shop that specializes in corporate and entertainment event design and production. This includes fabrication and event furniture and accessory rentals. designer8* is here to bring your project vision to life with precision, speed and complete flexibility. Our team is very well-trained and has experience working across every type of venue. Our client list includes theaters, hotels, churches, galleries, and museums. We have satisfied customers in convention centers, conference booths, camps, event halls, offices, and several residential properties. We understand the unique differences and logistical challenges of every venue type, and build accordingly.

    New York’s Solution for Scenic Props

    Our customers love the impressive sets we have made for projects both small large and we archiwork clients across the country and abroad to bring these to life.