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    Scenic House Rentals in Greater Philadelphia

    In need of expert services in scenic production and design? Look no further! designer8* is exemplary in corporate and entertainment event design and production, fabrication, as well as the design and arrangement of event furniture rentals and their accessories. We’re great at working with any type, shape, and size of venue to pull off a successful event. That includes galleries, event halls, offices, museums, hotels, theaters, campgrounds, churches, conference centers, and convention centers. Consequently, our professionals are completely aware of the differences and challenges that each venue may bring and how best to work around them. We make sure everything proceeds smoothly with every piece in place.

    Scenic Rentals We Provide in Greater Philadelphia

    Our team is exceptionally skilled in fabricating almost anything from custom scenic props, neon lighting, foam fabricated oversized models to ornamental production pieces, which allows us to create epic production pieces for any need! This is determined by drawing an initial sketch which is modified in consultation with the client to accommodate their specific tastes.

    Our designers create the overall scenic display in such a way that it will blend in with the surroundings’ original structure or environment to give it a more seamless look. The design and fabrication team will make regular visits to the sites to make certain everyone is following the proposed plan of the scenic setup to the letter. We have warehouses on both the West and East Coast that will ensure consistent supply of a wide range of scenic pieces for your customized style and any size of venue.

    The team makes use of a custom designed model or CAD drawing in 3D in order to give our client a realistic image of the prospective pieces to be created. Once approved, our designers work with you throughout the execution phase.

    Why designer8* is the Best

    designer8* is made up of a diligent and dedicated production team that will work tirelessly to provide you with high calibre production pieces at affordable prices. Our team strives to work well within the stipulated time frame in accordance with the production schedule all the while remaining within the client’s budget. In addition to the production team, there is a leader whose primary responsibility is to ensure that processes and instructions are communicated within the team to create synergy. We are therefore able to avoid any situation where there is confusion due to breakdown of communication.

    The team is also made up of proficient architects, furniture manufacturers, stylists, painters, designers and carpenters with impressive track records of service in scenic rentals design and production industry. At designer8*, our ultimate goal is to ensure that we provide speedy, flexible, precise, and creative solutions for your everyday scenic design requirements.

    Make us your number one partner for quality and customized rentals that will set you apart from your competitors. Choose designer8* today and watch us transform your wildest imagination into a tangible reality and leave you wanting more!