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    Red Carpet Rentals

    Red Carpet Rental in New Jersey

    Want your event to feel like it’s straight out from Hollywood? Now you can! Turn your occasions into high-class parties with just the addition of a gorgeous, red carpet. A red carpet is a perfect way to add a touch of class and elegance to any formal occasion. Introducing custom made carpets is a quick and smooth way to enhance the style and sophistication of your party. There is no better way to create a lasting impression, than by starting with an amazing entrance. Creating custom designs and an unforgettable carpet says a lot about your efforts and personal commitment to your event.

    Why designer8* Red Carpet Rental in New Jersey

    We are known for making beautiful custom backdrops for events and this includes incredible entrance elements. We specialize in custom scenic step and repeat backdrop components and also offer press and media lighting elements which you can color coordinate with your customized carpet. Our East Coast headquarters are based in New Jersey, but we are focused on always providing our valued customers with original, high quality trendy options to choose from. Your possibilities are near endless; you can quickly browse through our collections to find a design that is according to your style, measurements, and alterations.

    Many of our clients have strict brand guidelines, which is why we now offer a separate option if you choose to select it. Our design team is always present for you to consult with about branding, logo planting, and the dimensions you need. Only the highest quality material are used with a massive array of different finishes so that our clients can hand pick precisely what they envision. Our experienced designers have been around for years and know the entire inventory; which allows them to help you find the perfect combination that best suits your event.

    Our Carpets Are A Class Apart

    As a red carpet rental service, we excel in creating showstopping entrances with gorgeous step and repeat walls, coordinating carpets and other custom elements and arches. Our staff personally looks over the build-out and design of press risers, structures and lighting and everything in between. We know that many clients come to us with original ideas, which is why we are well-versed in modern and classic architectural concepts and know how to create layouts and CAD’s of our unique red carpets. And not to worry, we are very familiar with New Jersey’s building rules and regulations.

    We know most clients have a limited budget and tight schedule so we work with you every step of the way, stay on top of things for you, and take care of all the minor details so you don’t have to.

    When It Comes To Carpets And Backdrops, We Have It All!

    More than just the perfect red carpet, designer8* focuses on supporting elements such as lighting and crowd control options, including stanchions. At designer8*, we believe we have an obligation towards exceeding all your expectations and making your event, no matter how big or small, the talk of the town.